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Character concept design illustration process step by step

Character concept design illustration process step by step continue, here is part 4. Evil dark barbaric warrior type character somewhat. :) This part is another step continued from the previous three posts.
To see the previous step goto
part 1) rough character concept painting
part 2) Warrior armor character design tutorial.
part 3) Warrior character design tips and technique

This one took me quite sometime 3-4 hours total already because I was on it then have to pause a long while because I was in San Francisco over the weekend for a few days. After I leave the art for a period of time, often, I forgot what I suppose to be doing, then it is like starting over again. Anyway, this is almost final then I am going to call it done the next post. There are many things to touch up and make it look subtle. Hopefully I can get this done before the end of the week because I will be out of town again for a few days.

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Here are a couple of old video tutorials from me that have similar process to this particular warrior manga step by step creature character Titan design and draw and paint golden armor tutorial. Thanks to Luca who point out these ones so that it will be useful for you guys to watch and observe how I usually do armor design.

Again most of your questions that you will ask me, are on this blog goto Q/A on the right hand column.
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Here is the image so far:

learn to draw online character

Here is the image so far:
learn to draw manga illustration
how to paint digital painting tutorial

Download bigger version here: Character concept barbaric warrior

Below here are some Guild War II concept art I did for ArenaNet back in 2010. So I thought I start posting them here since there are a lot of request. There are more but I just could not find them all
Evil Armor
GuildWars 2 concept art

GuildWars 2 concept art

Warrior girl
GuildWars 2 concept art

Pirate Armor
GuildWars 2 concept art

Character design Premium Tutorial
warrior character design tutorial

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Luca said…
Xia you're so damn good brother! I really admire your skill buddy. The armour design is so cool, no wonder you work with my great hero Kekai!! I just love armor. Great job on his helmet.
Thanks for keeping us inspired and helping others. Have fun on your trip :)

For the new comers I wanted to drop two links of Idrawgirls posts which I have found really interesting and inspiring (of course helpful as well!):
Knuckles930 said…
Enjoy your trip. It might be good to have some time before starting a new one.

As for this, I really like the small stones added to the overall armour. It finishes it off.
XIA said…
Luca> Thanks brother, I was expecting a bit different result than how it actually turned out. And thanks for the recommended videos, I already post them together with the blog post.

Knuckle> Thanks brother, it will be a good trip and fun. It will also make me lazy...summer time usually does. :)
Anonymous said…
Hey man ! When i import my piedces to blooger they lose sharpnes. Oictures become blurry and looks like s... What i can do to keep them in good res when they are tranfered to blooger. Thx man!
Anonymous said…
Nice blog, I liked the drawing.
Can you visit mine?
Knuckles930 said…
M.Lauda > I assume your talking about uploading them online to blogger? If so, the resolution probably gets turned down because your uploading them online. You could get your own server or use something like Photobucket.
XIA said…
M. Lauda> Yep, Knuckle is right. Blogger resize your image, it will get distorted. Host your own is better.

BlueMonday> thanks, will do.

Knuckle> thanks bro, right on spot!
snow said…
Hey Xia have you worked with someone called Sage during your time at arenanet, I know he's done some work for them, and I'm working for him at the moment.

Just curious - small world!
XIA said…
Snow> I might have heard of him, but I don't really hang out with ppl at work much. I've here since 2002 and there were only 20 ppl back it's like 250 ppl. Tons of ppl I don't really know.
Yes, it is a small industry...though it's getting bigger and bigger. Technology also constantly changing...really hard to catch up. :)
XIA said…
Snow> At some point way back Feng Zhu was here, Kevin Chen was here...and Jaime Jones was here for about a year and half. People come and go...I was supposedly going to go work on Diablo III for Blizzard, but then I was too lazy to move down to Irvine I ended up stick around. It's been too long here...donno what Im going to do next... :)