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How to paint Metal Gear Solid Raiden

How to paint Metal Gear Solid Raiden.  Drawing MGS (Metal Gear Solid) Raiden digital painting tutorial. This post is a quick speedpainting digital painting demo of drawing and painting Raiden character from the latest Metal Gear solid gaming series. So I just saw the trailer not too long ago and I think it so badass that I have to somehow scribble the character study out. This one is just a quick painting of the character portrait, it is more like a study or something like that rather than an actual concept art.
It's early in the morning so I thought it would be good to do a quick sketch in the morning and I think I'm going to do it regularly since I have more time nowadays.

So here are the basic steps, I usually just start out scribble then create some kind of a silhouette or shapes that are readable. Then I will go in and give it some lighting so it would create form. That's how I usually paint.

Here are some more video tutorials that are similar to this one on the post. You can go watch Character Design Face Male Merchant Character, or Drawing Male Face Swordman and Learn how to draw and paint face.

If you are a beginner, no sweat, we have stuff for you too. Go check out these basic instruction for step by step drawing "Drawing humans head female face how to" and step by step still images goto digital painting and drawing learn to draw and How to draw face and head shading.

For figures and bodies study, muscles and human anatomy for artist go watch Drawing body muscle torso anatomy each comes with both video and step by step images along the side and Drawing arm muscles bicep tricep video. Have fun watching. Well, hope these short video tutorials and tips are helpful.

Anyway here are the quick painting image of Raiden:

Here are step by step painting Raiden from MGS (Metal Gear Solid).How to draw Raiden Metal gear solid

Here is the final image:

Drawing MSG Raiden
for BIGGER image go here: Raiden Rising Metal Gear

HERE is a video tutorial Drawing and paint Raiden Demo:

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yolee said…
Awsome as usual!!
i recently pruchased some of ur turtorials and they are awsome and very helpful thx :D
btw i have a question, im atm using wacom bamboo tablet, is it worth to buy intous? does it make big diffrense? and does the size matter that much?
Anonymous said…
Tutorials are amazing, Xia You inspiring many aspiring artists & your style is very free/loose & universal.
Anonymous said…
Another great video and painting. Very inspiring.
Luca said…
brother, this one looks like its a real concept for the game!! :D Niiiice!
idrawgirls said…
yolee> Thanks for the support brother, I am glad they are helpful to you. It varies from person to person, I personally like them big...but I only get the medium one. Bamboo in my opinion, is too small if you want to do real professional work. If you are able to spend, then I would get the intuo. Good luck. :)

Anonymous> Thanks, I am glad you feel inspired somehow. My job is now half way accomplished, the other half is now you guys go DRAW and PAINT something nice! :)

Luca> Thanks brother! :)
yukina said…

I love your site, It is a pleasure to visit.

I have added your site to my site.

Please link my site to your site.

Thank you!
Mattias said…
Just unbelievable here!

Another masterpiece! ;

Thanks for showing us ur work!
idrawgirls said…
Yukina & Mattias> Thank you guys! :) Cheers!
Anonymous said…
I am very thankful for your tutorials. You are very good.
idrawgirls said…
@Anonymous thanks man, I've been a concept artist for a long time. Lot of practice. Glad the tutorial is helpful ;-)