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Mohawk Zombie speedpainting

How to draw and paint Mohawk zombie.  Here is another quick speedpainting step by step how to. This one takes me about an hour and a half. I actually start one zombie before this one, but it didn't turn out well. So I throw it away and start new one from scratch.
This speed painting, what I am trying to achieve most is the mood of the piece and play around with lighting that was lid from behind the character.
The process is very familiar to you guys already if you are frequent visitors to my blog. I started off with, first, scribble construction lines to find pose, figure and composition. Then I turned those lines into shapes and rearrange to make the shapes more interesting to look at. And from those shapes, I then pick the light source and start to establish basic values. From that point on, you can just keep working in monochromatic until you get to the point that you are confident enough to introduce your second colors and so on. Then keep the temperature of the piece harmonize, as well as color in balance between cool and warm.

Mohawk Zombie!

This is actually one of the panel of the horror story I am working on, see More Walking Dead Zombies, How to draw Zombie digital painting, and female character design sketch.  Yes, all these three post I mentioned are related into my horror story line or at least I hope eventually so.  I am trying to make it as quick as I can but I keep get distracted from many things. It's that time of the year, holiday is coming up. There are so many distractions but I will try to keep update as many time as I can. Have fun with the tutorial.

Here is a step by step Mohawk Zombie
drawing zombie step by step

Here is the final Mohawk Zombie:
drawing zombie step by step
Here is the bigger image: Zombie Mohawk


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Mac Imagery said…
Great job, once again Xia!!! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!

p.s. Best of luck with your project. Stay focused, but don't forget to have a great group of holidays!

Danilo Ferreira said…
hey Xia,
it's been a while since i've been talk to you in facebook, i really apreciate your tips and your support.

I have bought the traditional female portrait and im trying to get better at it, but unfortunally my girls aint good yet, it lacks some femininity, you know?!
I'm trying to be careful but it is not working. dont you have some advice?

thanks, hope you all the best.
idrawgirls said…
@Mac Imagery Thanks man, you too have a great holiday.

@Danilo Well, you are going to have to draw a lot and a lot practice your accuracy and consistency.
And this:
Also, if you listen to the tutorial carefully I actually give tons of tips. Make sure your drawing is most accurate before proceed to the next step. If you have not watch it multiple times, then you should.
Be patience, and draw more with good observation.
Thanks for your support,

peace! ;)
chalian said…
Excellent tutorial,as usual !
And your tutorials in download are fantastic !!!
Luca said…
Hey Xia, nice dude! getting to love zombies, should make a painting myself! ;P Happy holidays brother, you rock!!

Danilo> Dude I know how much it may suck to spend hours drawing a girl and it looks worse than a man, I used to have such problems! I'm really an old member here and if there's one thing I have learned from Xia about girls (drawing-wise), would be "the simpler the better". Keep values simple especially in the beginning. Watch his featured videos over and over, and most of all Listen carefully as he'll be shooting tips most of the times!

good luck!
CyberTriber said…
Cool!...i like the grungy feel you get in your images. Thanks again for sharing.
Danilo Ferreira said…
Thx man, im reading the post you told me and watching the videos again... and i'll double the effort and patience.
peace! =]
idrawgirls said…
Danilo> No problem, keep up the good work. Aim high and never give up. Everything will fall into place by itself. ;)
chalian said…
I do not understand, my comments are always respectful of your work that I appreciated very much!
I bought 5 tutorial !
(with my second email address

idrawgirls said…
Chalian> Thank for the comment. Yeah, it does take me quit sometimes to reply...check out your older post...there was reply. Sometimes it takes long time but I do try to reply them all... Luca knows.

Luca> Long time no seen brother. wow, yeah, you've been a regular here since what? the end of 2007 or early 2008 or something. You are getting a lot better though. Cheers!!!

Cyber Triber> thanks bro, see you soon.

Thanks guys sorry for the delay to some of the post. There are still more back log I will get back to. in time.

Chris Reeve said…
How do you make a zombie even cooler? That's right, you give him a mohawk. I like the painterly effect on this one, gives it that good old buzz word of "dynamism".

Happy holidays for American peeps!
chalian said…
Waouuuuu !!!
a very nice surprise for me!
I appreciated !!!
Really,thank you for the tutorial and all your advice !
Danilo Ferreira said…
Hey Luca, thanks for the tips man. i didn't see it before.