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Emma Frost X-men first class

How to paint Emma Frost X-men first class.  Here is the final version of the Emma Frost I was working on.  I have to admit that I did a few version of the characters more than I needed to.  But for some reason there is some mystical aura about the character that make me want to create or paint her in the right way (well, according to me).
Anyway, I did a digital drawing version of  Emma, how to draw comics girl Emma Frost, Painting X-men first class Emma Frost and so on.
In this tutorial, I actually did it slightly different than the previous speed painting (Not time-lapse, actual speed painting).  This one is more like a pin up girls painting.  Most of the time in painting, I solely focus on lighting and values and more often than not the main light source, what dominant color that might be, will dominate the whole image.  But in this one (pin up), I am focusing on more of skin tone and pigment, not the overall lighting.  So in this tutorial I am playing around with the variation of the skin colors.
If you are painting pin up and focusing on skin pigment of the character, then it is better to work on painting with color base for skin rather than monochromatic.  What I did was working on monochrome to get the very basic values, then early on I assign color base for skin tone.  Then I apply the variation of colors and painting color in there with color right of the bat, rather than relying on monochromatic.  It is a little more difficult to paint with colors.
But the best way to practice this is probably in life drawing either figure or portrait session.  You can just use oil paint or your laptop to do skin color study. While I was working on this illustration, I changed direction a few times.  So it took me a long while, probably about 10-12 hours going back and forth.  I will show you those images down below on the post.

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Here is a work in progress of Emma Frost:
how to draw and paint comics

Here is a video tutorial: How to draw and paint Emma Frost pin up.

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MORE UPDATE Dec 22, 2010 Final Emma Frost image go to: Emma Frost Finished.

Here are a few songs I was listening to while I was painting Emma. They have a very seductive flamenco strings and drum beats. Good stuff, you can click forward to listen to the next song.

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This one is a different version that I intended and thought it would be cooler. But then I went back to the original version.
Emma Frost version B

This one I intended to make the image look cold by applying purple as some sort of under lighting. Though it is not really what I am looking for therefore I went back to the original concept.
Emma Frost X-men first class
Here is a Bigger version: Emma Frost X-men first class

This is the ALMOST final version I decide to actually polish it a little further than it is.  So I will keep upload the two images to the most recent version:
Last update 12/10/2010
Emma Frost X-men
Here is a Bigger version: Emma Frost X-men

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Update 12/16/2010 Have a few more hours for painting Emma, I decided to change costume a little bit.  Also I was not really happen with how the shinny leather turned out previously so I fixed it up.  Currently her torso material is more of what I am looking for.  Then I apply some blue light hint on her shoulders.  As I apply more light and textures, I am going to have to touch up the face and the rest of the illo.  Anyway, I am trying to push my limit on this one so I am going to spend more time to finish her up.  :-)
Emma Frost X-men

MORE UPDATE Dec 22, 2010 Final Emma Frost image go to: Emma Frost Finished.

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chalian said…
Excellent,Emma is really sexy !!!
A very good rendering !
Heartofdorkness said…
Awesome man, just awesome. I like the final drawing, and the one with the purple lighting. I wish I could draw stuff like this. :D

Can't wait to see the video.
rory.hinks said…
looks dope man, few questions:
are you using Photoshop? Have you tried out Corel Painter?
The skin tone is great, do you change your brush opacity levels much when creating the tone?

At the moment i'm practicing getting the monotone right then applying the colour, something good i've learnt from you.

Chris Reeve said…
Did you use any kind of reference for this?

If so I'd like to meet her.
Luca said…
Love this one Xia, she's even hotter! <3

Thanks for sharing dude, and great idea of making some variations. Keep inspiring.
idrawgirls said…
Yeah, I finally get a little time to update the hair a little bit so it doesn't look as unfinished and flated as before. Now I like the final piece a bit more.

@chalian Thanks brother. ;-)

@HeartofDarkness Thanks man, yeah they both have different feel to it

@Knuckle thanks bro

@rory.hinks Yes, I usually use PS. I try painter, it's pretty good. Though I am not using them very often. I m sure it can do the same stuff. As for Opacity go here:
Look around on the right hand column of the blog, you will usually find what you are looking for. ;-)

@Chris Thanks brother. Yes I do base the face loosely on January Jones here:
As for the body, not so much...mostly me. ;-)

@Luca Thanks brother, I do what I can. ;-)

Will try to reply to the blog as fast nowadays...
thanks guys!
Dan Ferreira said…
thx for sharing brother. she looks so nice, keep pushing it man!

i think a featured tutorial using this piece would be killer, especially because of the polishment level you gave her and those cool design variations.
sewa mobil said…
Nice drawing, thanks.
Luca said…
thanks for the video, very well documented.
LZbrothers said…
cool! very detailed drawing you did. must be hard work is it? How long did it took you to draw this?
Dan Ferreira said…
Ur out of control :P
Keep pushing man!