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How to draw Manga Death Note, L

How to draw L Death Note. Learn how to draw Manga easy to follow from Video tutorial and step by step images.  Video tutorial will show you real time drawing and sketching anime technique for manga, from start with blank page to finish Manga character drawing. It is one of the easiest way to learn how to draw and experience how the professional commercial artist draw it.  The video will explain how and why you should draw the easy way and very comprehensive.  You will learn manage and simplify a complex drawing.  You will learn how to break down complex Manga drawing in to simple shape to start with.  Then add necessary detail to complete the drawing that will look professional.

The character we are going to show you how to draw in this post is "L" from Death Note.  Here is some information about the character.  L Lawliet (エル・ローライト Eru Rōraito?), known universally among viewers by the letter L, is a fictional character in the manga, anime and film series Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba. In the storyline, L is considered the world's greatest detective, whose identity remains unknown before the story takes place because he has never revealed himself to the public. L takes on the Kira case in order to find the titular murderer able to kill people whose names are written in the Death Note. He meets Kira, a teenager named Light Yagami, and becomes determined to convict him.

Here is a break down of the Manga drawing into easy to start geometry shapes to draw with.
draw Death Note L

Here is a Manga drawing video tutorial, How to draw L from Death Note.

Below are step by step images easy to follow to go along with the learning to draw Manga video 

Draw L from Death Note step 1.
draw Death Note L step 1

Draw L from Death Note step 2.
draw Death Note L step 2

And the final Manga drawing of "L" from Death Note.
draw Death Note L

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How to draw Manga, the Basic:

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