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How to draw Manga, Rin from Blue Exorcist

How to draw Manga, Rin from Blue Exorcist.

How to draw Manga, Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist.  青の祓魔師 Learn how to draw Manga, Anime, and comics.  Drawing and sketching anime technique for manga, cartoon and comics. Learn to draw with tips from a professional concept artist and illustrator Xia Taptara.

It is a lot easier when you start drawing a character and you can break down each part of the face in to simple geometry form first. You also have to make sure the distance of each component (eyes, nose, lips, chin, eyebrows, etc.) have to be accurate. That can be done correctly by measurement or you can just eyeballs or guess your best at it. You can always practice it even when you are not drawing to keep your brain stimulated. It is a lot easier to draw once you observe the over all shape of the object or person you are trying to draw. I usually start of using sphere or circle as a base for character's skull, then next step would be figuring out the next geometry form to fit into the image.

About Blue Exorcist, also known as Ao no Exorcist (青の祓魔師 Ao no Ekusoshisuto?) in Japan, is a manga written and illustrated by Kazue Kato.
About Rin Okumura (奥村 燐 Okumura Rin?)
The fifteen-year-old protagonist of the story, Rin is the son of Satan born from a human woman and is the inheritor of Satan's powers. His powers were sealed at birth into the demon-slaying blade Kurikara, or Koumaken, by Mephisto Pheles, allowing him to live a normal human life for about 15 years. Rin became aware of his true identity after Kurikara could no longer seal the blue flames he inherited from Satan, setting off a chain of events that led to the death of his guardian, Father and Exorcist Fujimoto Shiro, at the hands of Satan, who attempted to drag Rin back to the demon realm. Exorcist Mephisto Pheles confronted Rin after Shiro's funeral with several exorcists, giving Rin the option to kill them all or die. Rin instead demanded to become an exorcist, an idea that amused Mephisto. Rin was then enrolled personally by Mephisto into the True Cross Academy Exorcist School, where he has since been pursuing his goal to become a Paladin and to defeat Satan. He is currently an Exwire and attempting to gain the title of Meister as a "Knight".

Here is an easy construction sheet for Rin drawing

How to draw Rin blue exorcist
Below is a Manga drawing video tutorial, drawing Rin from Blue Exorcist 

Here are step by step easy to follow sketch images to help you draw along with the video tutorial.
draw Manga rin from blue exorcist step 1

draw Manga rin from blue exorcist step 2

Here is a final sketch of Rin Okumura (奥村 燐 )
draw Manga rin from blue exorcist

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