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The Art of Thor, Book review.

The Art of Thor, Book review.  It comes in a slipcase with a nice spot varnish printing. The book is bound in a brown faux leather with gold embossing.  If you haven't watch the movie, the spoilers in the book will come in the form of characters. There are lots of great and beautiful designs for the characters, namely Thor, Odin, Loki, Destroyer, enemies and other lesser characters. Each character has several costume variations.

Compare to many art of book from movies, the Thor edition is right up there with "The art of Star War series".  One of the better art of books out there.  
The environment art are on Asgard and its various places and also the sets on Earth.  They are variation of environmental concept piece and matte paintings, along with 3D models of the city.  It's a very nice set of books Marvel is coming out with, extremely well presented 

The book is divided into 8 chapters:
1. Forging a Hero
2. Gods and Monsters
3. Brothers in Arms
4. Brave New Worlds
5. Tools of the Trade
6. Closer to Home
7. Bringing the Thunder
8. The Legend Debuts 

The rest of the book have other stuff like designs for the hammer, Odin's horse, photos of the props and actors, movie posters etc. Most of the art are accompanied by commentary providing interesting background information, like why they create runes on the hammer and what they are. And now I'm waiting for the Captain America art book.   Then there will be "The Avengers", hopefully, and the team will include Captain AmericaIronmanThor, and the Hulk as far as I know.  ;-)

Thor character design multiple versions.

Thor character design movie version

Odin character design

Loki character design

Hogun character design

Sif character design

Thor environmental design

More Thor environmental design

And more environmental design.

And some storyboard art

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