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How to draw and color animal cartoon: shibi sheep

Learn how to draw a sheep BASIC CUTE animal Cartoon: chibi SHEEP easy Step by Step Video Lesson. Drawing and coloring cute little sheep cartoon: Step by Step from basic sketching to coloring online lesson for comics cartoon illustration, manga, anime.

Enjoy the BASIC SHEEP CARTOON video tutorial:

Drawing Software & Tools I used:
-Adobe Photoshop CS2
-Wacom Intuos3 6X8 Pen Tablet
*It could also be done with pencil, markers, pens, and water color or gauches.

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Anonymous said…
This is Ms.Aya from Paper Diaries.

You commented on my 'How to draw manga for beginners' tutorial and I like to thank you.

I decided to check out your blog and --- WOW!

Lots of great tutorials!

The first tutorial I'm viewing is your cute little sheep. *A~aw~*

With that said, I'm definitely going to include your link to Paper Diaries! (If you don't mind)

PS: I prefer pencil art too!
idrawgirls said…
Hey! Thank you :)
I will try to do more of this cute stuff. ;)
Anonymous said…
Wow.. You linked my site so quickly.

Just let you know, Paper Diaries isn't entirely a tutorial portal like yours.

But my co-blogger and I will try to spread our love and knowledge on drawing comics, ok?


Have a good day, Mr.Xia.

I wanna learn how to draw more KAWAII animals from you~!