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Draw woman body in perspective

Sketch female portrait in perspective.  Drawing and sketching woman girl or female facial figure, head and figure slightly top view perspective step by step with costume step by step Video tutorial. Cartoon, illustration, comics, anime, manga learn how step by step from drawing realistic face online lesson.

Here is the final sketch:
Here is a break down or simplified construction line:

Here is a video tutorial: How to draw a woman:

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Basic lessons on how to constructed (draw) a face. Then these tutorial will guild you to a basic how to: How to draw lesson girl faceHow to draw person head basic. And digital painting tutorial rogue samurai female. As for the face or head (women, female) Draw girl's face how to lesson video and step by step and learn how to draw face, woman. Enjoy the video tutorials.
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QUESTION From Viewers:

Dear Xia,
I have two questions to ask you if it's not to much trouble.
1. What is your opinion on using the freeware Program Gimp over Adobe PhotoShop considering I have a constraining budget at the moment.
2. I am currently having a hard time figuring out were to go from here. You see I am proficient at drawing a near exact recreation of most art I see, the problem though is that when I try creating original art I can never seem to realize the images I see in my mind.
These two points have me quite frustrated at the moment so any advice would be extremely helpful.


1) There is no need for PS, just pencil and paper...make them GREAT and Exceptional in drawing skill. Program are just tool like pencil, people can judge you by your traditional skill of how good you are.

2) I know people like that. The catch is, you have to practice...look for all kind of inspiration from online, offline, forum, etc. Get some idea together...or you can start with some easy shape and form of cartooning...then go from there. Also practice life drawing, drawing from real life with the limited time will practice your brain to have a natural flow and be more efficient and economy in using line, shape and form. Practice make perfect,...when you try something new out of your comfort zone, the first few or more might not be good, but keep doing will see the big step up from where you start. Keep going and don't be discourage.



Baron said…
I love your blog man it helps out so much, keep rocking and thanks for the comment on mine!!