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New way to read or present comics in digital world

Saw this post on PVP blog and I thought I would share it with you guy.

This is very cool way to present comics I LOVE IT!
This was done by ~Balak01 over at deviantART who presents his thoughts on the potential of what digital comics could mean. It was presented in the whole new super cool way. It was done in I think there should be some kind of open source Online Platform that you could also converted it to. I will have to think about it also. It's super very cool somehow, nice to see every time NEW idea emerge. Some even say it could be super cool on Iphone or any smart phone!

Kapow Express the coolest online manga of its kind update is coming this weekend, I am for the long wait guys. :)

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pokepetter said…
OMG the slow-mo thing was awesome! this i really well though out. I've thought of having one image popping up at a time kind of like a storyboard, but this was really cool and well executed. If you read manga scans or whatever on the net, you'll have to scroll down and click on a link to get to the next page. And then wait for the image to load. This is a much better solution.
Chris said…
Surely this can't have been the only guy who has thought about it, but he raises an interesting point.

I think he is right in still giving the reader the tool to continue the story when he wants to, otherwise it's just an animation. He illustrated his point very well, having the boxes (or whatever you call them) pop in and out give the piece a great sense of dynamism. I feel that comics can be quite cluttered with all the close fitting frames of different "shots" of action, this way allows your eye to focus on each frame.

Of course it doesn't beat holding something tangible crammed with artwork.
Andrew Wong said…
This is a great solution. Scott McCloud (in Reinventing Comics) talks about having to scroll down the page when making digital comics in HTML, but this avoids that entirely and keeps control in the user's hands.
KB designs said…
Oh man was that addicting or what?

Also read through Scott McClouds stuff and seem a couple attempts of digital comics but nothing in comparison to this one.

All the principles of time and space that apply to standard comics are amplified by removing and adding frames on the go with the users control....

i think because you cant see what will happen next it adds to the experience where as with conventional comics even tho your eyes have not read the next frame/panel yet, you already know its shape , size etc so you almost know whats going to happen.

Definatly think you should try it out with the kapow comic

Thanks XIA
Knuckles930 said…
The technique behind it isn't that complicated, the only things is, that it takes a lot of extra work for a comic to be made, even using a template to put each frame in. Making it work out correct still takes time..
dahaca6022 said…
Animation is hard work.
pokepetter said…
He has another one at his gallery. It's not much more work. If you just make the speech bubbles and frames pop up your on a good way already. In my opinion the extra work is worth it.
Chris said…
I'd also like to say that the idrawgirls community has been making some great work. Keep it up fellas!
Knuckles930 said…
Well, I think think if we could pull up a team from the community we can make a new way of presenting Kapow Express. I assume Xia is better with PS than Flash. But with panels being made as it is, one could but these and make the same type of presentation from it I think. Sure there are people here who have the time and skills for something like it.
XIA said…
Yeah, I know...this kid has great idea. It opens my perspective to ways people could do online comics. I am sure there are some online program that you can actually do similar things without using Flash. It's pretty much a basic Flash flip pages he did. But the idea behind it is awesomely wonderful.