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Manga Friday Kapow Express Chapter 2 page 2.2 is HERE!

Kapow Express Chapter 2 page 2.2 :)

Sorry, guys. I've been sick on and off for a couple weeks. The weather in Seattle can't decide whether or not it will be Winter, Spring, or's been chaotic. And my body can't decide if it's well or not...but I do try to run about 2 miles every morning...that doesn't really help recently with all the flu going around. Apparently I found out the hard way that I am not invincible :)

I know it's a bit confusing and it's long been await but I am trying to find the way to compromise between making the tutorial and comics. I've been thinking about making better panel art and make tutorial along with it...which is an interest idea, but then sometimes I feel like doing environment and the panel is about character according to the it get confuse with myself because I usually do the tutorial however I wanted and it's what I feel like doing at the moment.

Anyway, I am going to give the idea a shot, but not promising if it will turn out to be the way that the blog will run. I am just everywhere and I usually follow my mind at time when doing blog because there is no boss, no obligation (well, not really), and tons of freedom. The only constraint is that I have to update regularly which is good for me...practice and consistency and motivating myself. Well, that's it. :)

Anyway here is Kapow Express chapter 2 the end of page2
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Knuckles930 said…
Good to see things up and running again. As for the updating, take your time, indeed there is not really an obligation. I think a good compromise is to post more on the community while your absent. (hint)
Luca said…
Well I'm glad to see you posting again... I can understand your feeling about this weather. I do Qi Gong and a couple of weeks ago I got bad sick because of too much exposure. Well I can tell you that we're humans and we Are vulnerable! :)

Thanks for the comic as well as for the tutorials... personally speaking, I really appreciate what you do! Get well soon mate!
pokepetter said…
If you thing about it, the reason most personal projects fail is because we simply lose interest. The more time you spend on the artwork, the longer it take to produce. The longer the production the less progression. Less progression, less fun. Well not always though.

If you're feeling bad, don't exercise or work hard. Drink a lot of water and eat an orange to keep your defenses up. Often it's just powerful cold and not flu. The only difference is fever and that you might throw up. Anyways I hope you get better.

As for the community I've haven't posted for a long time. I've been doing 3d stuff. Also I'd like to document some experiments I've done on generating ideas (I find the hardest part is to start painting and therefore tries to make it easier to start) and new ways to use different digital tools. Like using ZBrush and the healing brush in PS. It's just too bad it takes so long.
snow said…
Hey Xia,

Whats the best way to pose a concepted character for a game? I know it is one that shows off all the clothing/armor in a way that a 3D modeller can see it all, but I'm struggling on making it look interesting, do you have any ideas? Is it a matter of looking at other concepted characters from other artists and just building a memory bank of different poses?

Any help would be so good.

Knuckles930 said…
Pokepetter > If you need help getting idea's, you might wane look into Mind-maps. It's a way to get into new ideas starting from a single word most often.

You start with one word and note the things you associate with that word around it, than with those your repeat. At some point you will get something interesting to start with.

Also feel free to post some of the 3D stuff you been doing. Its an community for artists of course, so its not limited to PS.

Snow > Its always a good idea to get some research done and building a database. It helps getting a greater understanding of how things are done, also you can get some nice inspiration that way.
XIA said…
Knuckle> Thanks brother! :) I try, been sick and the sicky get my Mojo away and clouded my really unmotivated to do anything in the past couple weeks. Now I am back!

Pokepetter> It's true. It takes a lot of LOVE, persistence, and self-motivated. I still cannot believe I keep this blog going for this long...thanks to you all. :)
GOTTA keep going!!!

Snow> It's really different for various studios. Mostly we do rough concept most sketch I did for this blog. Then if any of them got pick, we refine and do highly detail concept. As for environment will be the scene concept. Whatever elements that are in the scene will be analyzed then separate into individual props, building, rocks, ect. Then make model sheets for each. As for character, if selected then we will have to do paper doll model sheet and do highly detail in all the typical view. Front, side, and back and individual pieces of the outfit. Yeah, it's a long and pain in the butts.
Also as Knuckle mention, it is the beginning of all before start doing any scribbling. :)

Knuckle> Thanks for saving my butts again. :)
XIA said…
Luca> Thanks buddy! I am still alive and keep going and going...hopefully it will be a long haul!
snow said…
Thanks so much for detailed response! Great to know. (add to xia notes.txt).
XIA said…
SNOW> I know bro...I guess...I will have to keep going with the MANGA. Can't believe I get myself into this. ;)