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Armor design concept art process warrior girl continue

Armor design concept art process warrior girl continue.

Here is a concept design process. I didn't have time to do much yet...but here it is so far. I add some more design to the torso or upper body part, huge shoulder guard, and gloves...koi tattoos design on her right arm. Here it is... :)

Then I will have to apply all these element into the final illustration or the comp see here (warlord warrior and her guard dog concept design) that I have made.

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Thank for all the previous feedback guys. Your input are very valuable and give me ideas and venues that I sometimes miss. More feedback are welcome. Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said…
beautiful.i love you'r site. i want to draw like you.
Luca said…
Awesome brother! How do you get those small details on the hands and torso... do you zoom for them? They're so good! Can't imagine the awesome job you'll get in the end

Chris said…
He gets out his monocle and veeeery carefully puts in the detail. Am I right or what Xia?
Anton said…
yeah, good job! that tattoo is really high quality one! and her other hand armor design is very nice.
What resolution do you work at to produce such details? like 2500x2500? :) and how much time did it take?
I also wonder if you plan to repeat that good amount of work on design in you actual picture, where girl has different pose?

Andrew Wong said…
Awesome, as always. Do the 3D people ever complain about your detailed armor embellishments? =P
wereviking said…
Is this based on an image and then worked up or is it pure illustration? Obviously I can't draw, otherwise I wouldn't be doing a superhero webcomic in prose (
XIA said…
How did I miss this post? Sorry guys.

Anonymous> Thanks man! Look around, there are tons of tutorial everywhere. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

Luca> I do zoom in but after I arrange the overall values in the area...when zoom in just rearrange the existing values, don't introduce lighter or darker values because it will throw everything off balance.

Chris. True True! ;)

Anton> That's probably accurate 2500 pix or 3000 pix. Take about a few hours or so. Um... probably and i could also hide them in shadow. In illustration lighting becomes dominant, not the actual design. It took me a long time to understand that. I always tend to over design in illos, I guess that's why I am a character concept artist. ;)

Andrew Wong> From time to time, but more often than not...They want to get to do cool highly detail stuff...the more information, the better. If you design too loose on high end stuff...sometimes they will have to send it back and ask for more detail/information. If the design is not fresh or too simple, the modeler could get bore because it's not challenging enough for them. But sometimes on highly detail stuff, I do it myself.

wereviking> It's base on a sketch, then to drawing, then to rendering at this point...And superhero are cool.

Thanks For all the comment and feedback guys