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How To draw Manga Character in comics panel quick process

How To draw Manga Character in Panel Frame. This video show you how to quickly sketch, then paint or color over, and finish color Manga sequent panel in no time. This is part of my sequential panel of the comics project I am making. :)

A few key points in making comics panel works well.
-Drawing & Composition (of course, does it reads well)
-Action (what is the character doing or what's happening?)
-Expression & Emotion (if there are dialogue or interaction going on)

Quote of the day:
“Color is an inborn gift, but appreciation of value is merely training of the eye, which everyone ought to be able to acquire.” John Singer Sargent

Here is a final color sketch:
Here is Step by Step process how to draw Manga Character quick comic panel
manga, drawing, character, quick, sketch, comics, storyboard, concept, art

manga, drawing, character, quick, sketch, comics, storyboard, concept, art

manga, drawing, character, quick, sketch, comics, storyboard, concept, art

manga, drawing, character, quick, sketch, comics, storyboard, concept, art

5) Done sketching
manga, drawing, character, quick, sketch, comics, storyboard, concept, art

Watch video tutorial: drawing Manga character in comics panel

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Knuckles930 said…
Nice to see the request from the community are being heard! I'm certain people will find this most useful.

I should be doing some more sketching again I think, but currently I'm working in a site, which will be a blog for when I'm abroad Diving, gone be nice though.
Matheus Pintor said…
Your drawings are perfect! My unique problem is the eyes and the facial expression, I never make a good face...
Karaokero said…
Hi! I just want to thank you , for this nice and useful blog..I found you in youtube and I saw your drawing.They're really amazing! all the best for you!
Joey Reyes said…
Hi! Uhmmm my question is a bit unrelated to this art... What can you say about Intuos 4? Is it better than Intuos 3? Thanks!

Joey R.
Dahaca said…
Carrying Mei's bottom sure is exhausting.Man!What happened to Big Bow and Goofy.
Knuckles930 said…
Majur > I suggest you look around a lot and do some research, specially in the field you want to use. This way you will get an idea. Practice from there on, and over time you'll get better.

Dahaca6022 > I think well see over time as the comic continues. Maybe hes just putting this up as an extended April fools joke, leaving the whole thing we're seeing now, out of the comic. ;)
Luca said…
Great brother! Awesome as usual... really helpful especially the quote of the day. Hope you can post more of them... this quote really helps me! :)

Thanks a lot mate!
Dahaca said…
Knuckles930 > I guess I should be more patient when you put it in that way.
idrawgirls said…
Knuckle> I hope so. Hopefully I don't get bore or if im then. I could go draw something else here and there. :)

Majur> Thanks brother, I can only wish it is. I am practicing so someday I can draw exactly what I've will be a while. Practice makes progression, progression pave your way to perfection.

Jorge G> Thanks brother. Welcome to the actual hang out spot. You found us!

Jory> Honestly, I haven't try intuo4. But there are some fancy trick always in the new version. But if you just want to produce art. It's been good since intuo2. Doesn't make any different to me #3 or #4. All company feels the need to update their product because they need to generate revenue to feed their employee, not because of innovation. :)

dahaca> You again! Is there anything you don't know about Kapow?

Knuckle> Thanks bro! :)

Luca> Thanks, I will try to find more good stuff.
Anonymous said…
You had a sketch of a gold armor. I like the shine you put on it. I can't find it. Was it removed?
idrawgirls said…
Anonymous> on those top thumbnails
Knuckles930 said…
Getting the newest version of something doesn't always mean improvement.

As a good example from the Signmaker industry. When Windows Vista was released, a lot of companies bought the new Windows. Over night Microsoft released an update for Vista, which conflicted with a program called Omega, which is used like Illustrator and is also a driver for the machines we use to plot out foil.

As a result a lot of companies where rendered useless due to an overnight update. Quite a lot of them "down graded" back to Windows XP.