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Manga Friday Running away after Ninja style smoke bomb

Kapow Express Manga Friday Update, this is the fist glance of page 3 (two more panel to be completed) :)

Here is the beginning of page 3. Now I am working on its Manga panel/ art tutorials along with the comics. Well honestly it works out quite well. But once in a while I will for sure throw in some random cool stuff because I will get bore drawing the same thing all the time.
FEEDBACK or thought are welcome on this Blog's Content matters. Well, you guys read them. You better give me some advice NOW! ;)

Cheng (monk) and the Bing Bing (the waitress) are running away from the city where Big Bow and his gang got distracted by Bing Bing's smoke bomb.

*Also I did some change to the dialogues cuz considering Bing Bing has a nicer personality than Mei so...her dialogue changes from previous post. :P sorry forgot to consider that.
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Also, as usual, feel free to give me idea on the story line, gags...something cool that should happen. You guys kinda stop doing that since I haven't ask. I actually have the story layout, but you guys could help me add flavor to this ACTION PACK!!! This is probably the only Manga you could help the creator create. :)

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dahaca6022 said…
Very awesome!!!I can give you some ideas!There should be notorious criminals in the forest.Also Major Gao Shuxun should be cross with Big Bow and Goofy and make them clean the restaurant.Also Mei should fight and speak while she sleeps :)That's all I can think of now.If i come up with more i will make another comment.
PS:did you watch Meteor: Path to Destruction
Chris said…
Hi, been a while since I typed anything here, but I still spy...

I feel like I'm over stepping my boundaries here but I think the third panel could use a bit of a touch up. Compared to the panel 2 it doesn't quite seem on the same level. It wasn't clear to me for ages that her left shoulder was actually her fist raised up.

I prefer the grey bubbles to the white ones.

I'm still holding a candle for those Chinese zombies! Maybe the woods get a little spooky further in, stumbling across a graveyard or some Necro. Although it could be a little early still.
Knuckles930 said…
Nice to see how the whole tutorials come into one comic. But as Chris said, its hard to tell that she's holding up her fist, maybe more it slightly towards the torso, to make the shoulder stand out better.

As for the blog content, I think besides tutorials and this comic, anything that can help anyone improve in this area, should be considered post-able. Also the more theory based stuff can be quite useful, since it explains things in a different way than a video tutorial. Also it hits different subjects.

And of course the slight spin off like the 3D goggles thing, gives can give a nice discussion from time to time. And gives the time to give some insight on other things.
XIA said…
Dahaca> Good idea, but it would probably takes Major a couple days on the fast horsey at least. :(
But other than that, it's all good. More?

Chris> Thanks brother, Not at all. I was trying to cheap shot over there. :P Thanks But whatever is coming up next? You will love it, not trying to spoil anything here. Surprise!!!

Knuckle> Thanks brother, very good. Agree on the 3D google would come in handy when concept, but still donno how to use them yet. Over load with bunch of programs in the past few months Z-brush, Mud Box, Maya and some internal stuff. But I will try to give it a shot. :)

Peace out!
XIA said…
Guys...Also I did some change to the dialogues cuz considering Bing Bing has a nicer personality than Mei so...her dialogue changes from previous post. :P sorry forgot to consider that.
dahaca6022 said…
Cheng and Bing Bing.Very suitable names.In the forest (like Chris said) many ideas can go well.Zombies,criminals,a river,temple,nomads and monsters i guess.I look forward into Cheng's personality.
Knuckles930 said…
Looking good with the minor tweaks.
Luca said…
Xia sorry for my late comment but I've been quite busy on a project I have in mind! :p

Great man... I really like that you posted the tutorals on how to make tha panels.... they're really useful!

What I would like to suggest you is to put someone who have traced and followed them in the forest. The last shot you have in the last panes really gives me the impression that there's soneone following them! Now it's up to you! Maybe a forest ninja ;)

Thanks and keep doing the great work
Knuckles930 said…
Now about ancestral spirits, said to be residing in the trees, as tradition believes.

Have some of that follow them and bump a large abandoned temple somewhere. Add some soldiers catching up and the temple will make a perfect hideout, at least it will seem.

Of course you can also put in a ancient palace or tomb.