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Online Manga Kapow Express Cheng heading toward mysterious town

Online Manga Kapow Express: Heading toward mysterious town.
Manga Friday Update weekly, the coolest of its kind. :)
What will happen when Bing Bing and Cheng coming into the small town right next to the wood?

Here is page 4 the rest of it.
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Luca said…
the story is getting more interesting brother! well done!
(I suggest you to at least put some value for the eyes and mouth on Cheng's face on the second panel)

Thanks again
Good Girl said…
I like the hair style on the girl a lot.
snow said…
hi xia, your Dark Valkyrie tutorial, is the finished product what you would call a 'concept' for a game, or a 'final concept' that has been accepted by the art director.

I just want to know what level of detail is required for showing your art director your original concepts?

Thanks in advance.
snow said…
oh! and the top landscape, was that done using overlay layer as well? doesn't look like it... did you just pick from a palette? I struggle at guessing the shade of colors as they recede into the background, and how you made the bridge look so harmonious in it.

Thanks so much if you can answer xia.
apple said…
first time to visit your website
welcome you to my blog to comment
Knuckles930 said…
Interesting to see in the previous page that, in the distance, we can see a tower like structure in the distance and fire burning at the wall posts.

When they near the gate, we don't? Something starnge about this city or a clipping error? ;)
Luca said…
Knuckles930> Good observation brother... you've got the eye for this! But my impression would be that since it took them quite some time to arrive, maybe they switch the fire for the night... the wheater seems to be a bit in the morning in this page. It could be for this reason
Knuckles930 said…
Very well said, but still got a missing tower. I first thought it would be the one at the left. But looking again, the previous one is more centered with the gate and stands out higher.
XIA said…
Luca> Thanks,...I don't think it needs anymore contrast on the face since he is behind her. If I put more contrast on his face then he will move from mid-ground to foreground which might not make sense to me.

Knuckle> Thanks I totally forgot the fire. As for the tower or pagoda...I decide not to make it too tall's the smaller town. So I will have to go back and fix the previous panel in stead. The reason I make the previous panel tall in the first place because I wanted to show something prominent in the panel. Anyway...fixing time.

Snow> Depending on how detail you want and how much time you's up to you and your style...They hire you to do best. Most of the time it is just like the Dark Valkyrie, then you make different version...meeting...pick one. After picking one, you might have to fresh it out more.
As for color go read Color theory on the blog: complimentary...mono..etc.
Focus on the values please...color will come!!! And practice, experiment and do until you achieve your result....I wish I know it all.

Apple> Thanks, you are welcome. :)

*** I just want to point out that these are very apologize for the roughness...but I just want to move the story on and let it be most of the time.

XIA said…
I miss one
GoodGirl> Thanks..I thought it was kinda spunky with the traditional sense to it. Thanks again.