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How to draw rogue samurai girl

How to draw samurai woman.  Drawing and painting tutorial Rogue Samurai step by step process.

Learn to Draw sketch and digital paint over a Comics style woman, female samurai or swordsman, girl female character design, sketch, illustration for manga, comics, anime free web step by step and video tutorial.

This new step by step tutorial is a work over the old drawing of mine. It was a drawing tutorial I made a year ago I think. Now I am slowly picking some of the old sketch, drawing or concept that are worthy of going all the way to possibly finish stage using variety of method or style.
It's a good exercise for once in a while you should pick some of your older work and upgrade it or redo it totally (if the idea was great but bad execution). But this rogue samurai sketch is alright to begin with so I am just going to paint over the sketch and take it to the finish line, hopefully.

So basically I am focusing on repaint her face and tighten or clean up the rest of the environmental background.
Also, there is no painting video, just step by step. :) I need to step up a few knots and get better as a painter, most of the time recording can be very distracting. I want to be able to think, analyze, and observe the work without putting in any brush stroke during the course. Which often take as much time as actual painting itself. So... :) Thinking and planing is hard.

If you are looking for more of simple and typical Anime style drawing tutorials, you can go to How to draw Anime girl face front viewHow to draw Anime girl face side viewHow to draw Manga girl bodyDrawing Anime girl face 3/4 viewHow to draw Anime girl sitting pose.  These are all basic pencil drawing on paper tutorial, nothing complicated.  All of them should be easy to follow instruction with step by step images.

You can also watch these tutorials for learning how to render face (for basic structure from start to finish) Character Design Face Male Merchant Character, Character design sketch villain or Drawing Male Face Swordman and Learn how to draw and paint face. They might be what you are looking for.

For beginers and basic lesson on how to constructed (draw) a face. Then these tutorial will guild you to a basic how to: How to draw lesson girl face, How to draw person head basic and Draw and render human head with different light sources. (These two are a little more basic)

Here is Rogue Sword Girl so far (WIP)

Well here all from the beginning how to draw, sketch and paint Rogue Samurai:
Step by Step
how to draw samurai woman
Then Painting:
how to paint samurai woman
Close up on the detail area: Still not be continued.
painting samurai woman close up

Final Image: "Rogue Sword"
rogue samurai woman digital painting

Watch the video drawing and sketching process tutorial: How to draw lesson

This drawing video might be helpful for tips on drawing female face:

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Luca said…
Oh this is sweet! I still remember when you posted this one... It's really cool to see old work being painted over again. I can understand you when you say that recording is kinda distracting -- that frame going on and off... even I get distracted most of the time. Still I hope that every now and then you still make some vids.

Anyways, well done Mr.Taptara! I really enjoy staying around here.
Chris Reeve said…
Xia: I think step-by-step's can be pretty informative anyway, especially since you have many videos showing your process now.

To anyone: I've been trying to do some figurative maquettes recently (nope you aren't seeing them! :P), and I thought the process of trying to make a body in 3D would probably help give a greater understanding of anatomy for drawings and stuff (atleast it does for me). If you do it correctly then you could probably grab a lamp and use it as a guide for how light falls on the body too.
idrawgirls said…
Luca> Thanks brother, it's indeed very distracting and require continuous action. But yes of course, there will still be more to time. :)

Chris> Thanks brother, I am glad it's still helpful. And you are right, most of the process in the videos on the site should cover them (not all but they should at least give them the sole idea.)
Yep, sculpting in 3D would give you a very good idea of solid anatomy. Nice and good luck, you should post them sometimes. :)
14111989 said…
how do you change the brush size that easy ? I mean, at same time you are painting, like in paint tool sai.
idrawgirls said…
KS> Use key [ and ] decrease and increase.
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Hi Xia,

First of all - Kudos to your work! The time and effort you put into the tutorials are highly appreciated.

I'm somewhere in the intermediate drawing level and now taking my first steps into digital drawing.

Failing to find an appropriate tutorial, could you please direct me to a tutorial where you explain which layers you use, what is the role of each layer and also - which brushes you use, what are their values (opacity, pen-pressure opacity, etc)?

Looking at the Rogue Samurai tutorial, I was wondering if you're using just one layer for defining tone?, are you using multiply/screen layers?, are you using dodge/burn at all?..

(*) If you could have such a tutorial with a simple line art example to follow - with layers panel on screen (and maybe even the brushes panel) it would greatly help understanding the process, IMO.

Thanks a lot!
idrawgirls said…
dyskiver> Thanks for your kind words.

I only use layers to find values without having to go find them on the scale because it takes longer time. Think of it as short cut to find color and values you need.
But don't rely on them

Dodge- I rarely use
Burn- Hardly ever, almost never.

*** But really YOU HAVE TO FOCUS on the OVER ALL values and place them in the RIGHT PLACE. NO matter how many fancy layers you have, they won't do you magic if you DON'T UNDERSTAND BASIC VALUEs. SIMPLIFY when try to finish up, don't over do values in the certain area. Put light in the light, put dark in the dark. And make clean clear area of light and dark don't muddle them up.

They are all explained in Q/A on right hand "MENU"
Here is the link to Q/A

There are a bunch of tutorials in patiented browse around. You can't build ROME in one day. Practice! Draw!

Unknown said…
"Put light in the light, put dark in the dark."

This reminds me that a great sculptor was once asked how he created this giant elephant sculpture from a marble cube.
His answer was: "I simply took out everything that wasn’t an elephant" :)

Anyways.. heading on to the Q&A section.

Thanks XIA!
Anonymous said…
Hello. Your works are terrific, I'm out of words to praise them. May I ask a question?

Do you first sketch this by hand, or you do the sketching directly in photoshop (and then do the coloring eventually after)? Thanks.

idrawgirls said…
dyskyver> Thank you and you are welcome.

Anonymous> Thanks man! :) If you read or follow this blog long enough and keep reading all the cool posts and watch the video, you will find out that I actually do both. It doesn't really matter to me using pencil or start drawing in photoshop if the result you want is digital painting. :)
As for this one, it is all in Photoshop from the start. :)
Jota_ilustrador said…
Your courses are very good drawing, I have doubts every time I visit this blog also serves to inspire me to draw, do not use Photoshop, I use Corel Painter, the good, I apply what you use in that program, and really helps me a lot of your videos.
PD: I speak Spanish, I wrote this with the google translator.