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Female figures study, some quick drawing and render

Female figures study, some quick drawing and render.

This batch of sketch I did study over female with more muscular figures but still convey the femininity, in other word, they are not too overly buffed up. They are still pretty in the athletic way. And forget those faces in the set, they won't done up. I was doing quick sketches for all and observe the figures. :)
I did these a little while back, I thought I already post them on the site. But apparently I was either getting old or too busy juggling stuffs around and drawing at the same time.

Well, not much time today...I just want to do a quick post.

Some More Tips:
If you just start out studying figure, I would strongly advice you to go watch How to draw female body torso step by step (Easy lesson on how to draw and construct a body in the simple way for beginner.) and how to draw woman figure hip pelvis (This one I show the simple way to draw pelvis, butts, and legs). There are also figure in simple form using lines or what we called gestures figures video tutorial and learn how to draw woman proportion sheet.

And for head or face drawing tutorial go to How to draw man's head basic and Draw and render human head with different light sources. (This one is a little more challenging with different light source hit the face)
After all that you can go watch more advance stuff like Character Design Face Male Merchant Character, or Drawing Male Face Swordman and Learn how to draw and paint face. If you watch all these videos, I am sure you will learn something here and there and they will get you somewhere.

As for male figure drawing tutorial you can go watch Drawing body muscle torso anatomystep by step and video. Then Drawing arm muscles bicep tricep video is one of many readers favorite video. Enjoy the videos and hopefully you can get something good from them.

And Ah!
Almost forgot, I did the expansion on Female Fusion Manga #001 with 2 EXTRA chapters
You can go DOWNLOAD it for FREE here:
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*The link will be expired in about 5 days or so (around Dec 12, 2009) Hurry!
Enjoy the Video drawing tutorials.

Here are some quick study of Female figures in motion:

female figure study

female figure study

female figure study

More video tutorials are coming...soon I hope :)

Oh here is another concept art for you to possibly enjoy
guildwars2 concept art character

FEATURE TUTORIALS: *Over 60 minutes to 2 hours of video.
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Luca said…
Thank you so much my friend. I love these studies. The girl kicking has really a wonderful torso, especially the stomach area. Well done brother for that final concept as well. I really like it man!

Thanks for all you've been doing with us Xia - I really appreciate it.
@rc'n gel said…
Hi, as for myself, I find your website just outstanding ! For this very tutorial I would have a little remark though : The breast of your characters looks like artificial augmentation surgery breasts : Far too round IMHO. The rest of the body is amazing.
Thank for your wonderful work here, I can't stand waiting for new videos ;) !!!
pokepetter said…
You should post your GW2 concept art in the GW2 thread at forums.
Knuckles930 said…
And now something completely different:

I would like to get your (those who are member of the community) attention to the following matter.

I've made a post on the community in which I would like to get everyones input. Specially the veterans.

Take a look and get the discussion going!
Anonymous said…
Awsome Xia thanks alot :). I'll probably buy the whole batch of videos once i get in financial high waters again ^^.
XIA said…
Luca> Thanks bro, I will keep them coming. You too keep up the good work!

@ec'ngel> Thanks, yep...I agree...the top should have been flatter than the bottom roundness. Sometimes I get carry away in some zone...

Pokepetter> ha ha ha, true true, when I find time to eventually go there, I will. Most of mine aren't even publish in the artbook cuz I forgot to submit them in the art folder in time before it got send off. Since now we have over 250 people, and more than 20 concept artists (I know, that's insane, :) there are tons of art to make the book and the CA thread sufficient enough. So yeah, anyways...there are tons more to come, I just sprinkle them here and there. And eventually my new personal portfolio site in the future. :)
Art everywhere...:) great!

Knuckle> Thanks brother

Ano> thanks, don't worry about it. There are still tons of free videos coming soon. But good luck with the process! :)
Knuckles930 said…
How about publishing your own book with some stuff? I'm sure there are people around here that would be interested. :)
XIA said…
Knuckles> Ha ha, 1) nobody would buy it. 2) I'm kinda going GREEN as you can see that we don't have any printed material for sale on this site. Don't want to cut anymore trees for NOT so good art. 3) Believe it or not, ANY piece of ART I did for ArenaNet/NCsoft I don't have the right to sell them. I can show them in public for non-profit purpose. They own the pre-production art, not me. :)
But thanks for the thought.
Jacob said…
Great. Thanks for the free download. That was the one I was going to buy. Now there is more incentive (sp?). Looks good when I get on my tablet I will be downloading the rest of the files.
Clean3d said…
Thanks for the early Christmas present, ;) as well as running this blog. Excellent work, you're doing!
Knuckles930 said…
How about printing on cotton sheets. Use some of the pieces from here and there you go. It will be a real piece of art since it won't be just printed, but printed on cotton!

Wouldn't look good on the bookshelf though.