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Lone Warrior Kung Fu master dude sketch

How to draw dragon warrior.  Lone Warrior Kung Fu master dude sketch process step by step drawing and painting character concept design. This one is an attempt to create a character inspire by the Wuxia novel again (Yes, I am on the streak of the series). Yet another tribute to tribute to Condor Hero (射鵰英雄傳 -pinyin: shè diāo yīng xióng zhuàn) series by Jin Rong or Louis Cha (查良鏞).

This time is one of the prominent character in the story, this is my depiction or conceptualize of how the badass "Northern Begger" Hong QiGong (洪七公; pinyin: Hóng Qī Gōng) would look like. The concept art image is still in process, will update all the way to the finished piece soon. :)
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Here is a Northern Beggar Hong QiGong (Still in progress)

Here are step by step drawing character figure process so far:
character design tutorial step 1
character design tutorial step 2
Noticed that the pose of the figure changes as I draw and paint from the original sketch til most recent, sometimes idea just came and I usually go with what I think should work best. There will be more minor changes as I go further. :)

lone warrior hong

See the next step here: Dragon Warrior Kung Fu master painting process.

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Looking forward to seeing it finished..!
Luca said…
I really dig alot from your stepxstep and works in general brother. Thank you for all this work. I must say that I visit your blog more then I visit mine!:)

Keep rocking dude, I will be looking forward to see this getting polished.

Anonymous said…
It's amazing - how the rough sketch progress in detailed and interesting composition :)
XIA said…
Deitrex> Thx, I will try,...having fun doing it helps. ;)

Luca> Thanks brother, me too.

Anonymous> Yeah, it sort of unorthodox approaches, usually it's better to have a five-eight thumbnails to pick from to get the best result in final. But I am just going with the flow with this one. Hopefully it will turn out well.
Allen said…
I really like the image... Very well composed. And I like the colors and multilevel shapes.
XIA said…
Allen> Thanks, it is coming along quite like I expected. So far so good. The further it goes, the more complicate it will get and the more controled and observation I need to have.