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Dragon Kungfu Master digital painting process continue

How to paint dragon warrior.  Dragon Kungfu Master digital painting process continue.
Hello guys, It's been a very busy week and I finally get some time to work more on this piece though I felt a little rusty and clumsy. It's going slow since I haven't touch it in about a week or so. Sometimes it is good to leave the painting then come back, but don't leave it for too long. It could loose the spontaneous and focus. Anyway, I'm trying to be as continuity and make it look better. Hopefully, the next time I get around to paint this one, it will be finished.

Here is the previous post painting process: Dragon Warrior Kung Fu Master painting process.

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Here are the painting process so far, hopefully I will be able to finish this one next time I post.

Here are step by step... more like experimental and correction of what has gone wrong or off.

manga tutorial painting process

Here is what it is so far "Hong Qigong" (洪七公) or The Northern Beggar King.
concept art tutorial
To be continued

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Luca said…
Wow Xia, this is really getting badass with every update!! The lighting on his hand is so freakin cool and I am glad to see that wolf back. Really nice work man, I like the colors and great costume design. Wonderful. I'm glad to hear that you were busy, but even more glad to see you working on your own pieces.

Keep rockin dude!
Taiki said…
Hi Xia,

I think Luca said almost everything ;) Some eyecatching work you've done. I'm really looking forward to the picture when it's done^^

Whats with that cute panda on his belt, I didn't notice before, really great (I love such "eastereggs")

keep on painting and I will keep on recommenting yer blog ;)


iriska said…
Wow!! This is great!! And yes - panda is just awesome !!! I love it :)
Chris Reeve said…
I probably would have left it at where you were in your last posting of this beggar dude, but now it's crackling with energy (quite literally). The blue on the belt and the panda really sings.

You know Xia you seem to be getting good at this painting and stuff, maybe you should think about getting a job with it or something? ^^
Casey said…
Awesome work. I think the hand on the left side of the painting looks a little awkward. The molten lava dragon concept is brilliant. Your tutorials are so helpful. Thanks!
mdh21 said…
Hi Xia, I have a question please.
Why in some of your works you start painting with a grey scale and then you add color(like hulk) and in others you start with color without using that grey scale(like ironman)?

Really good. Thanks for all your work
Luca said…
mdh21> I can answer you this one- Sometimes it's easier to nail down the values first then play around with colour later. In the ironman, Xia had reference so it was much easier for him to start with colour straight away. It's just personal preference. If he has a specific color scheme in mind, he'll start in color, but as said earlier, it's much better to start blk&wht then go for color. But keep in mind that there is no right and only way. Just see for yourself which one works better for you.

Xia> Hey bro, I just watched the new video from Arenanet... was asking, is there a girl that you painted in it? That video is really awesome. My mind can't figure how much talent you guys have around you. Love all the art in the vid (esp, kekai's! :)

For those who wanna see the vid:
mdh21 said…
OK luca, thanks for your answer :)
XIA said…
Luca> Thanks brother, Im trying to get inspired to do my own stuff just to keep my head fresh every now and then. :)

Taiki> Thank brother, the panda is just there for a little fun humor. Keeping it fun. :)

iriska> Thanks :)

Chris> Thanks brother, I think I will apply to one of those game companies or something, we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck. :) ha ha

Casey> Thanks man! Will find the way to fix it. :)

mdh21> Thanks man! Luca is right. If you notice mostly in my stuff, even in ironman speedpaint, it's still starting off with grayscale...but I just apply the color sooner. With ref it's easier to paint without having to think much.

Anomymous> I have no idea what you just said.