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How to draw female warlock body and clothing

How to draw female warlock.  Draw and Sketch new figure and composition for New character concept design sketch. Here is a new lady character design sketch I am going to finish sometimes soon. She is sort of like a menacing evil character.
Usually I start out sketching the figure first before I sketch the costume over, I don't really know if that is good or not, but it is easier for me to imagine how the fabric, clothes, and armor would wrap around the certain part of the body in what way and such. And this step by step tutorial comes with video. :) For those of you who wait for video tutorial, here it is. And it will still keep coming as long as I get inspired to draw and sketch more and more. :)

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As for female portrait tutorial go watch, they are slightly different way of getting them done but similar beginning point, How to draw lesson girl face, How to draw person head basic. And digital painting tutorial rogue samurai female. As for the face or head (women, female) Draw girl's face how to lesson video and step by step and learn how to draw face, woman. These tutorials should be very helpful for you guys.
And more portrait tutorials such as Character Design Face Male Merchant Character, or Drawing Male Face Swordman and Learn how to draw and paint face.

Here is the composition so far, nothing fancy

Here are step by step drawing female figure:
how to draw woman body

how to draw comics woman
So far approx time 20 minutes (that's all the time I had last night) on this.
 Next step : Digital sketch process painting skin.

Here is a video tutorial: Drawing comics female body

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Unknown said…
So are you completely digital? What application are you using?
Luca Cauchi said…
Maz> He works mainly digitally with Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Tablet.

Xia> well done man. Nice sketch :)
iriska said…
Hurray! A new video!! I'm so happy!!! :D
Anonymous said…
MMM, interesting Xia! I'm so happy to see your work in steps.
DSmith said…
Hey there Xia!

I love your work,you have a great style!I have one question:how did you go about learning anatomy?Did you use Bridgman and Loomis,or do you have any other books that are good to learn from?
Other question:why do you have an Intuos AND a Genius tablet?Isn't the Intuos much better?(I have an Intuos too,but it is the A6 version)
Another question:do you have a sketchbook or anything on
Thank you,keep doing your art,and thanks for helping all of us newbies!

idrawgirls said…
Maz> I do both, but digital seems to be more convenience for me nowadays. Luca is right basically.

Luca> Thanks brother! :)

iriska> Glad you are happy this time around, will try to do more as I have more time. :)

Cyril> Thanks for the kind words, those images are really old. Yes, I plan to do the pencil and traditional tutorial. I have all the equipments (camera) tripod, and computer set up in hand for a couple months now. Thought the problem is that I cannot find the way to set up the camera so that it will be parallel perfectly to the surface of the paper or table that I can set up and record.

The tripod only allow me to record it from 45 degree angel at most which will make the quality of the video not as good as the digital ones.
If you know of any tripod or camera stand that will allow me to set up my cam from the top, let me know I will go buy it so that I can start recording the traditional stuff now.

Yeah, it's a hassle, but if I can get it going...soon. Then it should all be good.

D Smith> Thank you, Um...I usually go to life-drawing session (used to more so) about 1-2 sessions a week, one session last about 3-4 hours. That's probably the best way. Yes, I also look at Loomis and Bridgeman to supplement it.
Yep, intuos is better...I also use the BIG Cintique (21 UX) at work. I didn't have to buy them. But for people who just starting out with limited budget, Genius should be the way to go. I have G and Wacom at home.
I had about two sketch books on CA, the first one was in 2002? then 2004...around that time. I usually post some stuff on CGhub nowadays since most of my friends go there now. :)

idrawgirls said…
Cyril> Then it will have to be over my can't go straight down. I will figure out something so that it will look as good and clear as digital screen capture...not mere 45 degree or awkward angle.