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Figure study painting with light and form high contrast

Female figure painting in high contrast. Figure study painting with light and form high contrast (Chiaroscuro study).

Here another quick painting sketch figure or female anatomy study. I did the previous study Figure Study female form step by step about a week or two ago. This one is a bit different because it didn't focus on the form as much. It's more of creating a form according to the light source or painting from light study. If you notice the higher contrast (Chiaroscuro = light VS dark) within the form, the more interesting the painting become. High contrast lighting set up can create very high visual impact on the figure because your eyes are trying to figure out pieces of puzzle together.

Chiaroscuro itself is Italian, and roughly means, “light and dark.” It was first used to describe a type of drawing on medium-dark paper where the artist created both darker areas with ink and lighter areas with white paint.

Since I didn't record this session, you might be interested in Video tutorial on the similar painting study approach here. Go watch Digital painting female character red, digital painting tutorial sleeping beauty and this one is not that far off, but a bit cartoonist Drawing Tutorial Zombie ninja character

If you just start out studying figure, I would strongly advice you to go watch How to draw female body torso step by step (Easy lesson on how to draw and construct a body in the simple way for beginner.) and how to draw woman figure hip pelvis (This one I show the simple way to draw pelvis, butts, and legs). There are also figure in simple form using lines or what we called gestures figures video tutorial and learn how to draw woman proportion sheet.

And for head or face drawing tutorial go to How to draw man's head basic and Draw and render human head with different light sources. (This one is a little more challenging with different light source hit the face)
After all that you can go watch more advance stuff like Character Design Face Male Merchant Character, or Drawing Male Face Swordman and Learn how to draw and paint face. If you watch all these videos, I am sure you will learn something here and there and they will get you somewhere.

As for male figure drawing tutorial you can go watch Drawing body muscle torso anatomystep by step and video. Then Drawing arm muscles bicep tricep video is one of many readers favorite video. Enjoy the videos and hopefully you can get something good from them.
Female Figure study

Here are step by step figure study high contrast (Chiaroscuro study)
figure study, how to draw female body

Here is the final image of female figure study.
figure study, painting female body
I think this one turn out OK and I didn't really spend more than an hour struggle with my painting like I did with the last few piece.

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Luca said…
Less then an hour? Wow brother. I should study this one as I might learn a lot from it. I suppose you had some reference for this one right?

Thank you.
pokepetter said…
Now, this is definitely the type of paintings i like. Such a great mood. I think this picture allows the viewers to take part in the picture, and a picture can get better in your head than it can ever get on paper.
Good job.
Neovirtu said…
Amazing, I think one of your best. I can't believe an hour!

I'm going to try and emulate this technique!

Also, you should do a tutorial on edges! Soft light, hard light etc...just edges!

I feel you'd explain it well.


Chris said…
You forgot to put in the twin handguns Xia! :P
Altercator said…
Hi, there.

I have problems drawing the lower leg connecting the rest of a leg through the knee.

One of them is drawing the curves behind the lower leg when the whole leg bends.

The other is when drawing the top part of the knee when bending the leg.

Can you help?
Chris said…
Hmm well a quick solution to that could be to just take a picture of yourself or someone else (maybe even use a mirror with the camera) and carefully observe from there. You may not even need a camera! Good luck.
XIA said…
Luca> Thanks brother, yep.

Pokepetter> Thanks brother. I keep trying and eventually turns out. :)

Neovirtu> Thank brother, I will look into that. I am myself still trying to figure out how to lay down good edges. Look up Richard Schmidth (painter) he has great book on painting and it goes into the subject.

Chris> Thanks brother. True true to that.

Altecator> Thanks brother, Chris is right you should do that. And download Bridgeman for free here

Good luck thanks for all the comment guys. :)
Chris B said…
Amazing indeed. I posted a comment on the wrong spot but, I was basically wanting to see your idea on what a Halo 3 sexy Female Spartan would look like. Keep up the fanatic site and art you rock.
Knuckles930 said…
Thought I should show up again once
more. Made a 50 photo long post on
the community page, not sure if it
shows up. Doesn't here so far, but
its also located under "Lombok '09".

Hope you all like the photos, tried
to put the ones up that would be
useful for you all.
Hello Xia,

I forgot to add in my previous comment..

About brush strokes:

if you can see my picture attached – I have tried to copy the style/brush stroke on her breast. I really like this effect where you can see the paint strokes but also the lighting and colour gives a real sense of depth and form.

How do you achieve this? I did this picture – using your picture to copy the breast area – as I felt this area had a lot of 3dimensional in it – and the shading down to the rib area, it’s very good~

What am I doing wrong? And how can I improve in this and paint in this style? If you could include any help about brushes …or any tips, it would be great.

C-Train said…
where did u get the idea for this?? is that Sin???
Knuckles930 said…
I just noticed that my post was made for 28 August 2008 for some reason. I'll try to fix it.
snow said…
Hi xia,

Been a while since I last posted as I'm busy with my game art course. Just like to thank you for your latest feature tutorial, it's an amazing help and I've always been hoping for a 3rd edition of the body painting. I always appreciate the effort you put into the community.

Ape on the Moon said…
I'm amazed this was done so quickly - you must have had a lot of practice in your lifetime!
XIA said…
Chris B> Great idea!!! NOw I am thinking!!!

Drasinnja De Sade> Watch as many video on this blog as you can... read all the post. :)
You have to learn how to define edges. It takes time, but once you get never go away. "EDGEs" learn how to define them. Watch and practice practice practice.
Good luck

Snow> Thx for stopping by bro! Busy is good right! Thanks a lot for your kind words. Good luck with your game and WORK HARD!!!

Ape on MOon> Thanks brother, yeah...sometimes there is a lot of struggling and didn't turn out. Sometimes it just fly and end up not bad. It's a lot like LIFE. ART = LIFE :)
Vick said…
Man you`ve helped me improve so much !
Thanks thanks thanks and thanks again !

I'd really like to see more studies such as this. Love them a lot !

Thanks again so much !
XIA said…
Vick> Thx brother, it's my pleasure. Glad all the vids on the blog and post help you and others to improve in what you are aiming to do. Keep it up and so will I. Will try to get better stuff out also. :)
marry said…
Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

Literature Dissertation
XIA said…
marry> thanks marry, cheers! :)