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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anime Concept painting: Great Mazinger.

Here is "Girl of The day!" With the Retro Robot: "Great Mazinger". I remember when I was four or five I watch the rerun of this Japanese anime serie. I was blow away, he can shoot out his fists and fighting evil dinosaurs.
Lately I have been looking at old stuff to get inspire, 1970s was probably the best era to look at all the cool brilliant ideas, like Gatcha Man, Getter Robo, Karmen Raider and more. These were probably made before my days, but I have watch the rerun when I was growing up and those image probably inspire me as who I am. I remember trying to draw those robot and make up story as I go when I was a kid. Those are the good old days.

Here is a Mecha sketch final image:

How to draw Mecha Robot video tutorial:

More Mech: Tutorials:
-Evangelion Mecha Robot Tutorial #2
-Neon Genesis Eva Mecha Robot Tutorial # 1

Basic Mech Drawing:
-Basic Mecha Drawing #2
-Basic Mecha Drawing #1

It seems difficult to find something fresh and new these days as if everything has been done. I am always out to look for things that will inspire me and motivate me to do more art...better art or at least try.

Guild Wars: Eyes of the North launch at midnight last night, I was there working it, partying and waiting for the launching moment. Good time guys...until Guild Wars II. Thanks for all the people that support us and you!

What's NEW to the site today? if you notice on the right side of the blog, below the table of contents, I have added "LIVE FEED" from "SketchWich". They always update and they are a bunch of friendly artist friends from ArenaNet. So you won't miss any good art and stuff! They are funny or try, and great artists. Enjoy!


How to draw girl figure with dragon: Quick Video painting tutorial using Photoshop

Quick Video painting tutorial: How to draw girl figure using Photoshop.
I also include partially creature in there for the hell of it.

I am trying something new this time kind of, but first off, apologize for the choppiness of this tutorial. Soon I will try to make a full length tutorial when I can finally get the proper equipment. But it's better than nothing right.

On this tutorial, *notice that it is NOT in a real time working, I fast forward it a lot.* I start off the image using the existing gray scale thumbnail that I have. I play around with color so I could find the color scheme that I want using overlay layer on top in Photoshop. After I get the color arrangement, I then try to bring out the form and fix the proportion of the figure along the way. Then I will clean up the color and almost flatten the color out to simplify and find the big shape. Next I start to paint more detail from the focal point thru the rest of the painting. Defining form, correct the lighting, and finding balance between warm and cool.
Somewhere somehow, Along the way, I think I did the figure too dark and too green so I repainted it with higher value and warm it up with red a bit. The I work on the skin texture of the monster to match its detail and value with the figure. Again, I clean up and tighten up the image, what I mean by that is assigning soft edge and hard edge and finding overall edge balance. Finally, I add more color which I thought it might bring more flavor to the image, but not well. Honestly, I think this one is some what a good exercise even though it didn't turn out like how I really wanted, but time's up so I have to put the brush down and move on.
Because if I keep messing around with it then it will take forever, so I might just take a break and give my eyes some rest so that when I come back and look at it again with fresh eyes, I will have a better idea of what did I miss.

Anyway, here I have the link to one of my most recent favorite artist at the time. His painting offer more than just a mere relistic/impressionist painting. Very inspiring, exciting and stunning.
-Alex Kanevesky (check it out, he's brilliant!)

It's all for the good fun, we all learn something. Well, hope this tutorial help you in some way. Thanks for stopping by,
Now you can go buy "Guild Wars: Eye of the North."

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What is NEW today @ idrawgirls.com

Just update the BLOG layout to make it more efficient and more attractive to reader and myself. It's almost complete. It took me a while to learn all the code and figure our how to make a third column. And it COOL!
Also I just acquire and domain "www.idrawgirls.com". I didn't think it was available, but my friend check it out and it was empty. So right at that second, I jump on the internet and get it! That makes my day. Who would think the easy domain is still around.

I also add the RSS feed and e-mail subscription so that you don't have to always come back here if there is nothing new. So go ahead and subscribe, and no...I won't give your e-mail to anyone. Lots of stuff to learn to make my BLOG effective and fun.

Girl of the day!
I decided to finish up the"Savage" though it didn't turn out like how I'd like...until next time!


Doutzen Kroes
-Andriana Lima
-Natalia Vodianova
-Jessica Stam
-Gemma Ward
-Sasha Pivovarova

How to draw super heroes

How to draw Hero or super heroes, Superman, Batman and Spiderman videos and step by step tutorials.

How to draw Superman video tutorial.

Also step by step images how to draw Superman

1) I usually start off a figure with a spine line or a shoulder line.

2) Then I will go to the hip section, thighs, to figure out how they will be standing (is the more weight on the right or on the left) It also help me figure out the arm length.

3) The arm come out, I am making this as simple as possible so I will go neutral. Yeah, I know,...fancy pose come later you.

4) As for male head, I usually go for a square/ angular. I usually draw the line for the Z axis of the skull on top of the skull so that you know where he will be facing. Tons and tons of gesture drawing will force you to figure out your way of draw the quickest and most efficient.

5) Then I constructed the facial using just simple line (remember, it's just a thumbnail, don't get caught up in detail early on, GET everything right, in place and good proportion, then you can play with it.)

6) Now I am trying to find out where the chest, collar bone and all the big shapes of the anatomy are.

7) After I figure out a rough figure then I dress him up.

8) Adding hair style, make him a little unique, and assigning value for the composition purpose.

9) There it is, a quick thumb. Then I can go on and do a bunch of them and pick out a good one out of five and possibly finish it.

How to draw Batman video tutorial

Also step by step images how to draw Batman

And one last superhero tutorial.
How to draw Spiderman video tutorial.

Also step by step images how to draw Spiderman


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Soul reaper monster tutorial concept art

Soul reaper monster tutorial concept art.  A quick color concept design of a soul reaper and fresh eater.  The monster eat and consume human flesh and reap their souls.

I has this idea a couple days ago..but just sketch it out last night. This evil monster from Hell is feeding on living girls' soul.

I am playing around with how I want to paint...I love realism painterly like image but I also love comics and Manga. There are some particular element I am looking forward to achieve, I think this speedpainting I somehow found, just a little progress of how I want my work to look like.
I am getting there.
Also I made a on How to draw face below this post, it's very simple and quick. If you have any particular question or comment, feel free to leave in on the blog. They are all welcome.

CHECK OUT our full length PREMIUM video tutorialsFree Drawing Tutorial video download

New tutorials:

  • How to draw lion
  • How to draw dragon
  • Creature design flying crocodile step by step
  • How to draw fire dragon
  • How to draw wood dragon
  • How to draw sabre tooth dragon
  • How to draw volcanic dragon
  • How to draw Org
  • How to Orge dragon
  • Soul Reaper creature art tutorial

  • I will have to find sometimes soon to do a quick painting video demo tutorial. I find that doing a quick two to five minutes sketch tutorial would be easier at the moment. A digital painting demo would take hours so I am going to need to find the right tool for it. At the moment, I am just using a free software to screen record my sketching process, nothing fancy. It's a pain to use sometimes because it's conflict with my Photoshop Hotkeys, and I can customize it (because it's free). Anyway...hopefully, I should find some more efficient program to record my digital painting demo soon. Until then...
    So long

    Quick concept composition sketch

    Quick concept composition sketch, a female savage warrior is riding a dragon.  
    Also Quick sketch of the day:

    girls riding dragon concept


    CHECK OUT our full length PREMIUM video tutorialsFree Drawing Tutorial video download

    How to draw face of a young woman

    How to draw face of a young woman.  Learn how to sketch and draw woman face.  How to quickly sketch a face of portrait tutorial.  Quick sketch of a basic Video Tutorial sketch.

    The principle are the same, only different is the tool you choose to execute. It does not make much different once you know the principle, only to get use to the tool.

    All you have to do is to know how to draw correctly then you could use, literary anything, to demonstrate your skill.

    Here is a finish sketch: (Click to enlarge)

    Here is a video tutorial how to:

    Here is another quick two minute easy face sketch tutorial.

    1) I make an egg shape with a bit of angular edge on where it suppose to be jawline.

    2) I then drew a horizontal line in the middle of it to fine the eyes' position.

    3) Half a distance between the line and her chin is where her nose will be.

    4) Again half in between her chin line and her nose is where you draw her mouth.

    5) Then I start drawing her eyes, (They should be further apart than the width of her nose)

    6) Top of her ear should line up on the same horizontal line as her eyes.

    7) The rest of them should be self explanatory. My advice to you if you want to be able to pull off a really quick accurate face or stylize but still maintain realism. Go find life drawing session near you. Drawing from life is the best way to learn how to draw a figure, and you should do it at least once a week, or every chance you get. But do look for material and practice from photos once in a while.

    So long!

    Saturday, August 25, 2007

    How to draw figure gesture drawing

    How to draw figure gesture drawing
    How to draw Basic Tutorial on body and figure, quick gesture drawing and sketches.

    The principle are the same, only different is the tool you choose to execute. It does not make much different once you know the principle, only to get use to the tool

    Below is my first video tutorial on a quick thumbnail comp sketch of an Amazonian woman. Thumbnail comp is quick and easy and shouldn't take longer than five minutes of the artist time.

    The purpose is to capture what is it that you want to visually represent in a big picture before you eventually start on a big picture. Lots of thumbnails will help you carve out your imagination stream in the quickest way.
    Before I start concepting any character or environment, I (and many great artists who tough me) usually start out with small thumbnail to get as many idea as possible. It could also help you find the best position and composition in the rectangular area you are working with. Most of the assignment I receive I will usually have to do ton of sketch comps pick the best one out of three or five, then represent it to my client before I can actually start illustrating and finalize it. Once in a while I will just crank out ten to twenty thumbnail then save it for later use.


    In this particular one I will show you how to do a quick thumb comp + quick sketch of a female figure.

    1) On the figure I usually start with spine line (but in this case, I randomly draw the head first.) then I will define the shoulder and hip. For female figure I believe it's necessary to accentuate the "C" or "S" curve on her pose. In this case it a reverse "C" on her torso.

    2) I go the refine her facial position a little bit, then both arms I am trying to find something simple to illustrate but interesting at the same time so I thought I'll have her hold a spear.

    3) Now I add her right leg and with the relation to her torso, it make the "S" shape (if you look from her shoulder to her right thigh.

    4) After I got her pose figure out, I just go in for quick minor correction and detail.

    5) Then I will find something interesting to add onto the figure, like skirt, guantlets, etc. Something that will make it a little more interesting than just a plane figure (think in term of value and silhouette, not the actual object itself.)

    6)Then I will begin to add value and find the light source to the overall picture and play around to see with would make it look best in that rectangle.

    7) Aha! The key is quick, readbility and try to find interesting comp/value. And if it looks good small, then it will looks great BIG!

    For more tutorials HERE: Tutotial Section
    Hope that is useful for you guys out there!

    Have a great day!


    Hey! No art today, really but there are still TWO Tutorials I posted last week, check it out if you haven't check them. I am having some fun with another "Mei and Pupie" cartoon. It's quick and fun to do. It seems that the more I do, the more idea keep flowing. It was really hard to come up with the first few ideas but as it goes on it got a little easier.

    I was going to scan some stuff in today, but unfortunately I couldn't find the scanner USB cable. I am pissed, I have no idea where did I put them. We just move about a month and a half ago. I think I got most of the stuff I need if not all. Hopefully I left it somewhere at work or I will have to buy a new cable which I don't want to. I rather buy beer! I meant...Ah-Hem...art supply.

    Just in case if you are curious here is the original "MEI and PUPIE" design a few years back
    It's very OLD! really.
    Anyway, have a great Sunday Boys and Girls!

    Friday, August 24, 2007

    1st "MEI and PUPIE"

    Hello guys, I am back with the Comic Strips "Mei and Pupie". It's something new, for me, to do three or four panels comics. It's quite a challenge since I am not really good at being funny, my personal humor is usually dry and sarcastic, in other words, smart a$$. So yeah, if you have any comments or idea...what would be funny, shoot it my way.

    Though this short comics is pretty new to me, I've been doing comics since I was a little kid. I grew up in the Far East so I read tons of Mangas. I am better at making a long epic storyline (I love history and stuff), except I've never really finished one. Now I am thinking I should learn how to pull off a good content short story so that I can get a few of them published or something. I am thinking perhaps this short strips will take me there. From a three to four panels, then a short three or four pages story, then eventually 15- 25 would be good for me.

    About the characters "Mei" and "Pupie: The Angry Panda", they were my creation a few years ago. They were supposed to be in the Epic story in Shanghai China setting in 1930. I still have the script, it is somewhat my version of "Journey to the West" except with Mei, Panda, and some friends. Anyway, I used to post those two characters in various forums. And sadly but true, they were more popular than my art itself. There is something about them, who knows what. Lots of people have been asking me to do the panda and the girl constantly so I think now it's time. But instead of making long episodic version right away, I can present them with just comics strip to convey their true personality, in addition to that, it quick to do for me since I have tons of work to do for GuildWars II at ArenaNet. Keep up the Blog and do more personal stuff is also my goal, but I can't really pull off something BIG and time consuming yet. Perhaps someday, I might get to do it if I get lots of time, motivation and your support.

    More paintings, comics and tutorials coming up soon.
    Like my friend Scott always say, "So long!"

    How to Draw Monster Creature Concept

    How to Draw Monster art Concept dark horror design.
    This is a creature design aiming at horror Sci-fi theme for games or movie visual concept.  I will show you a quick step by step painting tutorial on how I accomplished this quick painting.

    What is the essential element when you design a creature? If you want to design a good, convincing and life like then you will have to come up with good idea and some research. Good idea will often produce a good result. First you have to think what kind of environment this creature dwell. Then is it a predatory type or something else. If it hunts what would be its strategy. What kind of presence does it has? Is it creepy, intimidating, or adorable? Can it fly or is it bipedal, or else?

    *Click on the images to see the larger version!*
    Thursday night, I am sick like a dog, but can't sleep so I thought I would do something useful. I can't just sit around since I can go out...I might as well. Here is another tutorial if you are interested in doing quick Color Concept for Creature: I called it, "SharpFace" This one took me about three to four hours messing around.

    1) I start off with looking around in my sketch book for the thumbnails/comp I did. I usually do a bunch of thumbnails and scan them in so when I got bored I have something to do. Thumbnails are quick useful and you can have variety of stuff because your hand is trying to catch up with your brain flow full of ideas. Then I found something I like so I bring it in to Photoshop and enlarge it to about 700 to 900 pix. A very good size to do quick comp.
    2) From the first image, now...I decide I would go with dark warm background as color scheme. Usually I just scribble something with texture custom brush for a quick background. Then I select the creature image put it on top of the BG layer. Then I either use Overlay or Multiply. In this cast I use multiply because I want it to be dark and scary. If it is too dark you can goto Menu Bar> Image> Level then adjust the clearity of your image over the BG. Then I layout the rough basic lighting. I put shadow under its torso, neck, and legs. Then lighten up the back and top of its head. Think FORM, not flat.
    3) After I get the basic form/structure then I go into tighten up the figure. In this case I want its head/neck/shoulder to be the focus so I am bringing it out by adding more light on it. On creatures, I usually use a lot of texture brush to make it looks more gritty. As for its bottom part I will leave it as fade or soft edge so the torso and neck will be more pronounce.
    4) At this stage, I will enlarge the image to about 2500pix to 300 pix. So that I can get more detail painting. Now I am lighten up part of the back ground so that the figure IS separated from the BG. I also add cool light along its outline to make it stood out even more from the overall warm scheme. I also adding more detail to its shoulder to make it pop out.
    4.1) *Do not forget to flip and check your image if it looks correct. You will usually find mistake when you flip your image. I suggest you flip then work on it on the flip side for a while, then flip back.
    4.2) *Always check your gradient map. Don't get too caught up with all fancy color. Check your value in Black and White. If it looks good Black and White, it will looks even better in color. On this piece, it almost a monocromatic image.
    5) After I get the overall form, I am going in for the darkest dark then highlight very sparingly. At this stage I also define muscle groups and try to make it mimicking life like. I also try to make its skin differ from its nail, if you notice you will see that its dark shinny nail and spikes are more reflective than the skin itself. It has to be distinctive so that it will fool your eyes. Lighting is pretty much everything in painting. *For purpose of exercise try painting satin/velvet/steel right next to one another, you will see how lighting is really a big deal in making our eyes see different textures.

    6) Finally, I tighten up the figure even more. I bring out part that needs to be on focal point, then soften the further away part. I fixed its toenails because it looks out of balance with toenails that short from the previous one. Then since I give it cool light, I add warm under lighting from below. Cool light = Warm Shadow likewise Warm light = Cool shadow. It's the golden rule if you are doing under lighting. Then I clean up the figure, lighten up the background so that the creature will be separated and stand out more.

    FREE download, Photoshop custom brushes!Free Photoshop brushes download

    I think I am kinda sleepy now,...so I am going to bed and hopefully. I will be way better tomorrow. I hate being sick...it sucks!

    So long,
    As always any comment always welcome, let me know if the tutorial is any useful or did I even get my point across.

    Thursday, August 23, 2007

    Girl in Polish Costume Concept Art Speedpainting: MIRA.

    Not much to say this morning, I feel a little sick. Be back!

    Wednesday, August 22, 2007

    How to draw musketeer

    How to draw musketeer or musketeer woman step by step drawing and painting tutorial.

    This one is more like a concept art or concept drawing (should I say painting) tutorial, rather than a basic how to draw stuff. Anyway, let's begin.

    My first advice is you have to be able to draw girl or figure or people in general using traditional medium first. Girls are delicate creatures, you must not put too many line (detail) on her face, even her figure itself (nude). Keep it simple and clean then you will successfully make it look like a girl.

    This "How to draw girl" tutorial is not for beginner, it is a little intermediate to advance. It require knowledge of basic drawing, figure, value, color, and Photoshop. If you want to know the basic, then go to my other tutorial on the menu bar.

    how to draw, how to draw face, girl's face, photoshop tutorial, concept art, how to draw creature, people, girls, manga, animeThis piece of quick concept took me about a few hours. First I have some rough idea in mind of what kind of character it is and it's background. Like this one, she's part of my own on going personal project (which I don't know if it's going to be finish :P) Anyway, I have an idea of she is a Slavic girl, Czech assassin during 13th century. Supposedly she is sexy but deadly. So I did research for costume to get some kind of inspiration then add my own flavor into it.

    1) I usually do five to ten thumbs to get inspire and get my hand in the flow.
    (somewhat try to stay within the subject but not necessary, as you can see my thumbs are all over the place. Whatever comes to mind at time.) Then I will pick on that suit my needs at the moment.
    You can either do it on paper then scanned them in which I prefer, but this time I did in photoshop because I felt lazy.
    how to draw, how to draw face, girl's face, photoshop tutorial, concept art, how to draw creature, people, girls, manga, anime2) Then I pick one of the thumbnail that I want. In this cast, it is a concept so I want to be able to show off overall character as much as possible so that I can use it for ref later on if I want to redraw her in scene of make a model sheet to build it in 3D. The pose and composition of over all picture is important because it can convey what she's all about and it should be interesting to look at. Standard 3/4 standing pose or somewhere in between is a good choice in concepting a character because you can still see the whole package. Then enlarge your thumbnail in Photoshop, at this stage I work really small around 500 pix x 700 pix. *Notice that my drawing is really loose, at this stage if you are not sure about your drawing, it is a good idea to tighten it up more. As for me at this moment, I just go with the flow and correct the drawing as I paint.
    how to draw, how to draw face, girl's face, photoshop tutorial, concept art, how to draw creature, people, girls, manga, anime3) Then I will decided what color scheme should I go for. Mostly I would just pick warm or cool, really there is not much to think about. Since she is hot and she is in somewhat action post, I will go for majority of warm color. I usually select any of my old PS file and paint over to get the quick background then put the thumbnail on top layer and select either Multiply or Overlay depending on how I want it to look. At this stage, I prefer to still work really small (700 x 500 or so) so that I can get any quick adjustment and not get caught into any detail, but just the overall look.

    how to draw, how to draw face, girl's face, photoshop tutorial, concept art, how to draw creature, people, girls, manga, anime4) After I can get the look and scheme I want (pic above) then I will start doing the underpainting and see if the color and lighting will fit. I look at the costume ref and decided to pick red/white/ black for her outfit. Then I will layout the skin tone on her. Everything in this stage is still really rough and suggestive. Now I am looking for composition, lighting (grayscale check is also very valuable to see if your image read well in greyscale. If it doesn't there is something wrong with it.), and overall color balance (cool & warm).
    how to draw, how to draw face, girl's face, photoshop tutorial, concept art, how to draw creature, people, girls, manga, anime4.1) Check if your image is readable in gray scale, it's good to check constantly to see if you have the correct value. Lots of great artists work from gray scale first then apply color later on. I also do that sometimes. OK, as far as I know this gray scale is readable so I move on to the next step.
    how to draw, how to draw face, girl's face, photoshop tutorial, concept art, how to draw creature, people, girls, manga, anime5) At this stage I will again enlarge the image (my preference is around 2500 x 3000), then I will start working on correcting proportion, lighting then going in for getting more detail onto the image. I decided that the BG behind her head is too dark and I want her face to pop out more than it is. So I lighten the BG behind her head to make her silhouette stand out.
    6) From the previous one the head proportion is big so I correct it, then I go in to construct the facial, then refine her body/ costume and look for anything that might be out of proportion.
    how to draw, how to draw face, girl's face, photoshop tutorial, concept art, how to draw creature, people, girls, manga, anime
    6.1) One good method for checking if there is something wrong with the image is to flip it. And if it is a real drawing, you can check it in the mirror. So there it is, I flip it and work on that side for a while until it looks at good as it can be at time allow. Then flip back.how to draw, how to draw face, girl's face, photoshop tutorial, concept art, how to draw creature, people, girls, manga, anime7) Now it's very close to final stage of concepting. I work really loose but it is readable and good enough to convey what I want to convey. Now I am working on the detail of her face, adding detail of her costume/ changing things here and there if you see fits. Like I add another sleeve and cover up her chest and neck because I think it's more suitable for the era. Even though I would like to show as much skin as I can. But it work out, she still convey sexual message. Always and always look for correct lighting, squint your eyes and look or zoom out, or use the Navigator thumb in Photoshop. If it still read at thumb's size then your image will be presentable.

    how to draw, how to draw face, girl's face, photoshop tutorial, concept art, how to draw creature, people, girls, manga, anime8) Now come the critical part. I remember many great artist guild me on how not to over do things. The final part is to pick where you want to add highlight, touch up subtle detail. I add a little more highlight on the tip of her nose, sword, and hair. Minor touch up, clean up the figure, and try to find soft edge and hard edge. I am still not that happy about her left hand, but it is suggestive enough. So I called it done for now. Remember, this is not a full launch finished illustration, most element are there to convey to the audience what it is. I like them really loose, yet in control. But from here on, if I want to do a finished illustration, it will be a really good start like refine underpainting.
    how to draw, how to draw face, girl's face, photoshop tutorial, concept art, how to draw creature, people, girls, manga, anime

    If you have any question, comment on this tutorial. Let me know, this is actually the first time I am trying to write up a tutorial along with the picture. Hopefully it will help some people in some way.

    So long!

    Tuesday, August 21, 2007

    Concept Art, Speedpainting: Sorcerrer and Knight Concept painting.

    Sorcerrer and Knight Concept painting.

    This concept art or concept drawing (should I say painting) just came out of nowhere in my head, I might have a tutorial coming up soon, but I still can find where I put the step by step.

    March 2011, I came back and take a look at my old quick digital painting character concept work this post, hopefully I will have time to remake this design in 2011 and repost it.  ;-)

    The one above was done in 2007 and it is very outdated.  I will redo the sorceress again.
    But here is a 2011 version of a Dark Mage.  It is more up to date and well... better execution.

    To see step by step process tutorial go to: Digital painting tutorial character


    Face Constructed: How to draw faces
    Archetypes Design Manga Characters Tutorial Download

    New tutorials:
    -How to draw Panda
    -How to draw eye female
    -How to draw a Demon Creature
    -Learn to draw woman face sideview or profile.
    -Learn to draw Manga Women in Mecha Combat Armor.
    -Manga tutorial, draw and render female knight
    -Figure tutorial, Drawing Man body or Male torso
    -Drawing Anime Step by Step demon girl
    -How to sketch Manga Sword Girl Mercenary
    -How to draw Manga female soldier mercenary

    Monday, August 20, 2007

    How to draw spy woman character design step by step

    How to draw spy woman character design step by step.  This tutorial is a simple drawing of a cartoon or comics book character design.  Look below you will see the image of step by step drawing the head, body and her pose.  
    First step, I start off with a circle shape and two lines from circle to meet up to create a chin for her face and head.  Then a short line to indicate the back of her neck.  
    Step two, I sketch out an oval shape for her upper body or torso, two lines for her arm, and a long curve line below for her thigh or leg.  Oh and two more lines to connect her head with the body.
    Step three, I draw a round shape next to her leg and below her upper body.  Then I draw forearm to connect with the previous drawn lines for her arm.  Also hand, then I finish this part with her other arm holding pistol.  
    Step four, I draw in her face, hair and her bang.  I also have more tutorial in detail about drawing face.  I recommended how to draw female face and a more simpler cartoon drawing Anime girl face step by step.  Or you can look at the idrawgirls directory draw face and draw Anime Manga It is also useful to add some simple shading on to the character sketch to give it more present.

    how to draw spy woman step by step
    How to draw female spy character design step by step.

    how to draw spy woman
    A quick spy woman character design.  I also have a final version that I work on further in Oct 2011 here.  Painting spy woman step by step.

    More easy basic drawing video tutorials of superheros that you might be interested in
    How to draw Ryu from Street Fighter. with body
    How to draw Lara Croft Tomb Raider.

    FREE drawing video tutorials download!Free Photoshop brushes download

    The first one came out alright. The second is still "Work in Progress" (WIP)
    More to come, tomorrow!

    So long!

    Friday, August 17, 2007

    Some Random Graphic Design, no girl...yet

    Some Random T-Design!!!

    I am exploring an unusual artistic way...never done a T-design. But it's a lot more fun than I thought it would be.
    Feedback are welcome.

    Drawing and sketch of girls collection from May/June 07

    These are some of my art work back in 2007.  Most of them are unfinished at that point in time.  Some what these pieces are more of fast conceptual paintings.

    I actually re-paint this one over in Sept 2011.  You can see the new version below
    This is the latest redesign version of the Raven mage character design (2011).
    character design mage raven

    Mage Raven 2005? version.  See the re-painted 2011 version below.

    I spend about four hours painting it.  Now I felt a lot better that it is finally fixed.



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