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Saturday, December 26, 2009

How to draw woman body, Female Figure study

How to draw woman body basicFemale Figure study, woman body proportion modelsheet update.

Here are some figure studies I did recently and update on the female model-sheet that I did a while back in 2007 old version here "Learn how to draw woman female". These are somewhat quick pencil sketch, most of them are 5-6 minutes with the exception of the model-sheets itself.
Model-sheet itself the post are probably not the most flattering for women form, they are just for beginners and intermediate alike to study and check for accuracy and such.
One of the most critical thing to keep in mind when drawing female or woman is to convey their feminine (or otherwise) through their body languages. It would be best if an artist can capture her character's very essence and convey or communicate through your lines, sketch, drawing. Like a poet describe a beauty of his lover. Visually artist can communicate with showing images of her body language, gesture, and movement. You have to find what make them feminine, how sexy female stand or sit or lay.
The best way to study figure and all artists have done that for century is studying from real people, life drawing sessions is the necessary for all artists. Then reference or my tutorials ( ha ha) or any other art books are highly recommended for supplemental materials if you want to learn more.
Anyway, here are some female figures sketches.

You can also check out the new and update of the late 2010 tutorial on female figures, most of these are painting step by step tutorials, some include video tutorials.  Recline female figure study has two posts.  The first is nude recline female figure quick color.  And the second is female figure study recline step by step.  These two part tutorial I pretty much focus on rough brush work and play around with textures.  Both are the same painting but it has part one and part two.  Then there is a speedpainting figure study back which I pretty much focus on looseness control and brush strokes.  Also if you like comics style pin up painting, check out Emma Frost X-men first class and 2011 is year of the rabbit.  Both are not really focus on brush work, rather smooth rendering of the skin itself.  And Black Rock Shooter color sketch work is a really stylize that is similar to that of Anime or stylize Manga, but not typical.

Female Body proportion model sheet update April 2010
woman body, female figure model sheet

Here are some tunes I usually listen to when I am figure sketching.  They are very up beat, sensual and tribal at the same time.  It gives me the feeling of raw or primal.  There are a few songs, press forward to get to the next song.  Great music.

Some more female figure sketches from the other day.
How to draw woman front view
How to draw woman back view
learn how to draw woman body
How to draw female figure
woman figures drawing tutorial

woman body, female figure model sheet
Here is for the bigger version "Female Figure Model sheet"

Enjoy them sketches!! ;)

Female Figure Painting Premium Video Tutorials, Over 3 Hours of Lessons.
how to paint female figure
how to paint female figure
how to paint female figure 02

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Monday, December 21, 2009

How to draw Emma Frost X-men

How to draw Emma Frost X-men comics girl video and step by step tutorial.
Learn how to draw comics female characters #003

After I sketch Sue Storm see How to draw Fantastic 4 Susan Storm, I realize how much I like sketching women and figure and sketching alone. And I noticed on the viewers that there are more people watching drawing woman or female video tutorial than a male superhero videos. Almost double viewers in just over the weekend. Well, I guess my site is called "idrawgirls.com" so I guess it only make senses.
OK, the drawing and sketching video lesson of superheroes or heroines will start rolling out more. But the newer ones will be a little more advance or more than just basic line drawing. But again, that depends on how much time I have during the time. Hopefully I can make more better drawing video.
This tutorial, "Emma Frost" sketch, I have to say that it is one of my better ones...I know what direction I want to take when I start. Enjoy the tutorial.

A bit about the character: Emma Grace Frost is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #129 (January 1980), and was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist/co-writer John Byrne.
An urbane, mutant telepath with a well-noted dry wit. initially known as the White Queen (complete with revealing white attire for which she is known), Frost has changed from one of the X-Men's most dangerous foes to one of its most central members. The character was named IGN Comic's "Hottest Comic Book Babe" in 2005.

More superheroes drawing video tutorials go How to draw Fantastic 4 Susan Storm (basic comics style drawing with pose) and watch How to draw comics superhero spiderman, and my How to draw comics character Hulk, it also has coloring or paint over tutorial. Also the new arrival video tutorial, How to draw Captain America. And an older video tut, How to draw Batman or Darknight. More drawing tutorials are coming up...stay tune! :)

Basic lessons on how to constructed (draw) a face. Then these tutorial will guild you to a basic how to: How to draw lesson girl face, How to draw person head basic. And digital painting tutorial rogue samurai female. As for the face or head (women, female) Draw girl's face how to lesson video and step by step and learn how to draw face, woman. Enjoy the video tutorials.

Here is a quick sketch of Emma Frost:
How to draw woman comics Emma Frost "That's how I survived. Time and time again. That's my secret. I survived because I willed it to be. ... How did I survive apocalyptic fire? I simply refused to feel the flames." -Emma Frost

These are a few tracks I was listening to when I was sketching Emma. You gotta love Jack White guitar riff, Alison Mosshart, and Alicia Keys. The tunes gives me the edge to wanna sketch some mean edgy woman.

Here are step by step drawing Emma Frost:
How to draw emma frost x-men

drawing emma frost x-men

Download big image here: Emma Frost

Watch the drawing video tutorial: Sketching x-men Emma Frost

And please, did you forget something?  Like clicking the "Like" button?  yeah, below, thanks  ;-)

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GuildWars 2 concept art, knight

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Digital Painting Mecha Robot modify work in process

How to draw and paint Mecha concept art.  Digital Painting Mecha Robot modify work in process. I am trying to put the mech I paint a while back for full feature tutorial in to the scene and make it more presentable rather just a mech stand alone concept.

Hey folks, it's been a little while since I updated, been busy with painting, tutorials, and life stuff. Anyhow,...this post I am putting the figure in the environmental. It usually help bringing out more of its characteristic, and the world they suppose to be in.

Right now I am trying to find the way to get the water to look right. It's kind of tricky. Just a quick update. More are coming up. :)

You can go here and see step by step process on the previous post; Mecha Robot concept art update . It shows from the beginning until how I get here.

Also if you are interested in drawing and painting Mecha Robot, these video tutorials, Drawing Mech or Mecha Tutorial (this one show quick sketch and painting mecha, kinda cool. One of my better ones). And this video, Concept tutorial Drawing Giant Mech, also pretty similar to the first one in regard of painting process. Digital drawing tutorial Mech soldier is different experimental painting video that I use different approach, get different result than usual.
Also you can just look up on top and see if there is any thumbnail you like and click to see the video.

digital painting process mecha

Final: "Bot Cave"

digital painting process mecha

Drawing and paint mecha video sample:

Environmental Concept Sketch Tutorial
Face Constructed: How to draw faces
Face Constructed: How to paint portraits

Friday, December 18, 2009

How to draw realistic Manga style

How to draw realistic Manga style.  Draw Manga character Maka from Soul Eater video tutorial and step by step process. Here is another character digital art process from Soul Eater series, Maka. Again, it's my interpretation of the character in semi-realistic style.

This one I started out a bit different than then previous tutorial (Blair) How to draw Anime Character Blair from Soul Eater, I just kinda draw freely using thick line to find pose then create the silhouette instead of using line drawn in the beginning stage. Then I just use the silhouette as a main component shape to go off of to refine my color sketch.

A bit about the character, Maka Albarn (マカ・アルバーン, Maka Arubān?) is Soul's meister and main female protagonist. The two make a good team, though Maka is prone to violent outbursts when Soul does something foolish. She is a dedicated student, who always scores at the top of the class, and the daughter of a Death Scythe, Spirit (now known has Death Scythe), who she has a very strained relationship with due to his excessive flirting with other women, which lead her mother to divorce him.
Maka is a skilled scythe meister, able to utilize the Witch-Hunt and, later in the story, Demon-Hunt techniques with ease when resonating her soul with her partner, Soul. She is skilled in Soul Perception, which allows her to track souls and judge their strength.

Here is a final quick color sketch of Maka

Here are step by step drawing and painting Maka
how to draw anime, manga tutorial, soul eater, maka

drawing, maka, soul eater, maka

Here is a video tutorial: How to draw Anime Girl Maka

Drawing Tutorial on idrawgirls.com
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sunrise over mountains landscape digital painting tutorial

How to paint sunrise over mountains landscape.  Environment design digital painting process step by step and video.

How to paint landscape or environmental concept step by step and video tutorial.
It's been a while since I've done any landscape or environmental painting and such. Feel kinda rusty, but I will post it anyway. This one is still a work in process which means I will work on it a little more or a lot more depending on what kind of idea I can come up with.

More environmental concept sketch tutorial go watch Draw and paint Environmental concept Sand Valley, Drawing and painting environmental concept Magma Fall, Draw and paint landscape mountain rock, and Environmental concept tutorial IceScape.

Environmental landscape Mountain range

Here are step by step digital painting tutorial
how to paint landscape, draw background, speedpainting

Here is the the final sketch so far...I will continue to add some exciting elements and refine it some more possibly. :)
painting mountains, draw background, speedpainting

Update Jan 28, 2010
Add creature into the scene, three headed Naga. Still more work to be done. Will update again on another post soon. :)
painting creature, three headed Naga, speedpainting

Here is Video tutorial How to sketch environmental concept

Free Videos Download & More

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Draw and Color Anime Soul Eater

How to draw realistic Anime guy.  Draw and Color Anime Soul Eater.
How to Draw and Color Anime Soul Eater Character Soul Digital painting Tutorial. Draw and Sketch Manga character, Soul from Soul Eater Anime Serie. Demonstration of Manga tutorial drawing Anime guy character illustration sketch. Learn from Step by step and video tutorial. This one is focusing on portrait and upper body of a male character design for Anime, video game, and Manga.

Here is a bit about the character "Soul".
Soul Eater (ソウル=イーター, Sōru Ītā?) is Maka's Demon Scythe partner, and the main male protagonist. He has a laid back attitude, and he tries to maintain a "cool" image, to which he often compares his current situation. He drives a motorcycle, which he and Maka use for transportation, and shares an apartment with her as well. They constantly bicker, often leading to confrontations, though they still work well together in battle. Soul comes from a family of skilled musicians, and his older brother, Wes Evans (ウェス エバンス, Wesu Ebansu?), is a renowned violinist. Soul is a skilled pianist, and despite playing a "dark song" for Maka during their first encounter, he does not like to play for others. He states that he does not know what he is "capable of" compared to Wes, who he considers to be a master violinist. Soul's most notable feature is his (albeit, at times grudging) dedication to Maka. He states that he is 'willing to die for his technician', and has indeed frequently shielded her from harm with his own body, in and out of his scythe form.

Here are more Anime drawing and coloring tutorias How to draw Anime Character Blair from Soul Eater, Draw Manga character Maka, and some tutorial from Naruto series basic go Naruto series character tutorials, How to draw Naruto, How to draw Kakashi, How to draw Anime Sakura, How to draw Manga facial expression mad, and how to draw Manga Ninja.

Looking for a different style other than Manga and Anime, then you should watch these (they are a little more typical comics style with some cartoonish flavor) How to draw Emma Frost comics girl, How to draw Batgirls comics, How to draw Fantastic 4 Susan Storm (basic comics style drawing with pose) and watch How to draw comics superhero spiderman, and my How to draw comics character Hulk, it also has coloring or paint over tutorial. Also the new arrival video tutorial, How to draw Captain America. And an older video tut, How to draw Batman or Darknight. More drawing tutorials are coming up...soon

Here is a quick color sketch "Soul" from Soul Eater:

These are step by step still images How to draw and color
how to draw Manga, Soul Eater
Here is a final color sketch
Manga drawing, Soul Eater

Watch the video tutorial draw and color Anime

Enjoy the tutorial, now go draw!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Digital painting process character design female

Digital painting process character design female Wuxia, Manga, Anime inspired. It's been a little while since I did a woman character drawing and painting process. In this particular character sketch. I'm trying to find the balance between realistic painterly and Manga Anime (stylize)...or basically I'm experimenting but it will still probably end up look similar to what I usually do. Sometimes I get really frustrated whether to approach realistic or stylize. It's hard to choose because I like them both. Anyway, there is no video tutorial process for this one yet cuz once in a while I like taking my time and draw or paint in my own pace without time limitation.

This one is basically inspired by a classic Wuxia novel of Jin Rong or Louis Cha (查良鏞). Yeah if you didn't grow up watching Chinese Kungfu drama series on TV, you probably say "what?!!!" but if you are, you know what I'm talking about. Or you can google it. :)
The character is loosely base on one of my favorite character Huang Rong (黃蓉) from the series called Condor Heroes (射鵰英雄傳 -pinyin: shè diāo yīng xióng zhuàn). It's been made into TV series over four to five times. The story is pretty badass, complex and cool.

Anyway, here is a female character sketch (still work in progress) and hopefully I will have enough time and motivation finish this one.
CG painting technique
I'm also thinking since the original character has a special staff. I will add it in later in the next process, possibly attach to her back or so.

Since this session was not recorded, but there are tons of the similar Video painting tutorials you can take a look at (these are a little more intermediate) Digital painting female character red, digital painting tutorial sleeping beauty and this one is not that far off, but a bit cartoonist Drawing Tutorial Zombie ninja character

For a slightly little more basic drawing video tutorials go How to draw comics girl Emma Frost, How to draw comics Batgirl, How to draw Anime Character Blair from Soul Eater (This one is also a basic painting tutorial video), Draw Manga character Maka (also painting and coloring included), How to draw Fantastic 4 Susan Storm (basic comics style drawing with pose) and watch How to draw comics superhero spiderman, and my How to draw comics character Hulk, it also has coloring or paint over tutorial. Also the new arrival video tutorial, How to draw Captain America. And an older video tut, How to draw Batman or Darknight.

As for the VERY BASIC studying figure tutorial, you can go watch and read these ones How to draw female body torso step by step (Easy lesson on how to draw and construct a body in the simple way for beginner.) and how to draw woman figure hip pelvis (This one I show the simple way to draw pelvis, butts, and legs). There are also figure in simple form using lines or what we called gestures figures video tutorial and learn how to draw woman proportion sheet. And these are for Male anatomy study, Drawing body muscle torso anatomystep by step and video. Then Drawing arm muscles bicep tricep video is one of many readers favorite video. Enjoy the videos and hopefully you can get something good from them.

OK, here are step by step Character design Huang Rong inspired

draw manga anime girl, wuxia girl
Here is the final so far and to be continued:
draw manga anime girl, wuxia girl

Wish me luck, I really need to finish some good piece this time around :)
Here is the newer version of the illustration update Digital painting tutorial character
Enjoy the tutorials!

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Avatar the movie behind the scene making

Avatar, the movie, behind the scene making the virtual world of Pandora.

Just found these awesome series of Making of Avatar movie video on YouTube. Very inspiring and it should stimulate your imagination to make more art. Tons of cool concept, ideas, production and valuable information from the production ends. I though you guys are probably really like it so here they are. :)

part 1



part 4

part 5

Hope you like them, enjoy!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Concept Art Workshop Seattle 2010

We're throwing a big concept art workshop on Jan 23rd, 2010 featuring some awesome ArenaNet talent. Most of the artists on this thread will be there demonstrating their art process! Hope You guys can make it. Register at www.futurepoly.com to guarantee a seat. A portion of the ticket sales will be donated to www.ChildsPlayCharity.org ChildsPlay is a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in a network of over 60 hospitals worldwide.

Yep, that's right. These are my colleges and mentors. If you are in the area and want to sharpen up your art skills or want to learn awesome trade to get your foot in the door of making video games. The workshop featuring the Master Artists Daniel Dociu, Jaime Jones, Kekai Kotaki, Richard Anderson, Matthew Barrett, and Horia Dociu. DON'T MISS this opportunity!!! These are the people you want to learn from. They are the best among the best. :)

Check out and register: www.futurepoly.com

concept art workshop seattle 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010, let's hope that you all and I become even the better artist for the year to come and be on the road of living the dream doing what you love and live comfortably as long as we draw and paint. :)

And I just thought this year, I should do something more with what I secretly deeply care about. So I decided to put the donation links of the organizations that I feel strongly toward that they need help, support, and donation. You can find the banners and links on the top right column of the blog. We, especially I (me), really do deeply care about wildlife so go donate or support them by volunteer or anything you can do at www.panda.org and www.savethetigerfund.org Save them wildlife, it's our job (Yeah, you and me). :)

"Also Thanks to ALL OF YOU READERs and SUPPORTERs of idrawgirls.com
We donate to save the wild turtle at WWF as this NEW YEAR's gift is for ALL OF YOU. Much love. Without you boys and girls, idrawgirls would not have come this far. It's year 4 we are entering here." ~ Xia Taptara :)

Here is a certified GIFT from WWF:
idrawgirls donation to WWF

You can do the same and send this gift to your love ones, great beginning for 2010.
goto: http://panda.org/gifts to learn more about the donation.

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-Draw and Paint Women Body Tutorial II: Female Manga Fusion II

Friday, December 4, 2009

How to draw rogue samurai girl

How to draw samurai woman.  Drawing and painting tutorial Rogue Samurai step by step process.

Learn to Draw sketch and digital paint over a Comics style woman, female samurai or swordsman, girl female character design, sketch, illustration for manga, comics, anime free web step by step and video tutorial.

This new step by step tutorial is a work over the old drawing of mine. It was a drawing tutorial I made a year ago I think. Now I am slowly picking some of the old sketch, drawing or concept that are worthy of going all the way to possibly finish stage using variety of method or style.
It's a good exercise for once in a while you should pick some of your older work and upgrade it or redo it totally (if the idea was great but bad execution). But this rogue samurai sketch is alright to begin with so I am just going to paint over the sketch and take it to the finish line, hopefully.

So basically I am focusing on repaint her face and tighten or clean up the rest of the environmental background.
Also, there is no painting video, just step by step. :) I need to step up a few knots and get better as a painter, most of the time recording can be very distracting. I want to be able to think, analyze, and observe the work without putting in any brush stroke during the course. Which often take as much time as actual painting itself. So... :) Thinking and planing is hard.

If you are looking for more of simple and typical Anime style drawing tutorials, you can go to How to draw Anime girl face front viewHow to draw Anime girl face side viewHow to draw Manga girl bodyDrawing Anime girl face 3/4 viewHow to draw Anime girl sitting pose.  These are all basic pencil drawing on paper tutorial, nothing complicated.  All of them should be easy to follow instruction with step by step images.

You can also watch these tutorials for learning how to render face (for basic structure from start to finish) Character Design Face Male Merchant Character, Character design sketch villain or Drawing Male Face Swordman and Learn how to draw and paint face. They might be what you are looking for.

For beginers and basic lesson on how to constructed (draw) a face. Then these tutorial will guild you to a basic how to: How to draw lesson girl face, How to draw person head basic and Draw and render human head with different light sources. (These two are a little more basic)

Here is Rogue Sword Girl so far (WIP)

Well here all from the beginning how to draw, sketch and paint Rogue Samurai:
Step by Step
how to draw samurai woman
Then Painting:
how to paint samurai woman
Close up on the detail area: Still not done...to be continued.
painting samurai woman close up

Final Image: "Rogue Sword"
rogue samurai woman digital painting

Watch the video drawing and sketching process tutorial: How to draw lesson

This drawing video might be helpful for tips on drawing female face:

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